Win u-he Software – Join The Zebralette Patch Contest!

Zebralette by u-he.

Zebralette by u-he.

The latest KVR Patch Contest features Zebralette by u-he. The contest is free-to-enter and the prize is a u-he product of choice.

The synth chosen for this month’s u-he patch contest is Zebralette. Zebralette is free and so the contest is free to enter!

It’s also a freestyle contest, which is to say that any style, genre, type of patch may be submitted. The prize is a free choice of one item from the u-he software range!

The contest closes on November 1st. For more info about the contest, click here. Good luck!

The Rules

Here are the Zebralette Patch Contest rules:

  • A maximum of two patches per person may be submitted.
  • Patches should be anonymized. Putting a “?” in the “author” field when saving does the trick.
  • The winning patch will be decided by a vote.
  • In order to be eligible for the prize patch submitters must vote – no vote no prize!
  • Try to ensure that your patch does not exhibit significant – ideally no – audio clipping.
  • Please DO NOT! send any patches to me (hakey). KVR member bmrzycki collects the patches for the contest.
  • Please DO! carefully read through the instructions under “How to enter” and “Rulez and other important stuff”.
  • The deadline for submissions is 14:00 UTC November 1st


Zebralette Patch Contest: click here

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