1800 Free Cymbal Samples By Tzai


KVR Forum member Tzai has released a set of 1800 free cymbal samples, recorded from his various pieces of audio equipment over the years.

I’m getting ready to teach overseas, but before i leave I wanted to share one of my sample folders with any interested sample enthusiasts. I’ve been sampling and gathering samples since . . . well . . . I had a Mac SE, Performer v2, Emu, Mirage, Roland S-550, Akai S900, and Passport Alchemy . . . so that gives you and idea of how long. I did my best to weed out the dupes and anything that was copy-protected in anyway. There are many samples that are very similar. There is no organization. I intentionally numbered them randomly. I believe scrolling around sparks creativity. Thank you all for lots of plugin advice over the past few months.

1800 cymbal samples are available for free download via KVR Forums.


Download 1800 Free Cymbal Samples: click here

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