bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Noise Gate VST/AU Plugins


bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Noise Gate VST/AU Plugins

This time on bpb Freeware Studio, we’ll be covering the best free noise gate VST/AU plugins for Windows and Mac. A noise gate is not the sort of effect you’d use all over your mix in electronic music (especially if you’re working with virtual instruments, which means there’s no unwanted noise). But if you’re processing live recorded audio like vocals, guitars, or external synthesizers, a noise gate is an essential tool to have at your disposal!

Don’t forget that a noise gate can also be effectively used for shaping sound envelopes – I often use this technique on acoustic kick drum tracks to shorten those subby tails and leave room for the bass guitar. Noise gates with an attack control can also be used to soften the attack transient of percussive sounds, much like you would do with a transient shaper!

Follow the links for screenshots & download info:

My two favorite noise gates from the list are preFIX by Variety Of Sound and Floorfish by digitalfishphones. Both plugins are easy to use, yet offer most of the functionality you’d expect to find in a noise gate. preFIX is more than just a noise gate though – it’s a great all-round utility plugin with transparent filters to clean up the lows and highs, as well as a phase correction module to calibrate an audio track perfectly before sending it to further processing.

preFIX by Variety Of Sound.

preFIX by Variety Of Sound.

If you’re looking for ultimate simplicity, make sure you check out GGate! It features only three controls and it’s extremely easy to use, making it a perfect tool for less demanding tasks (like noise gating an electric guitar track before sending it to a virtual guitar amp). Definitely not the most feature-packed noise gate out there, but sometimes a quick and efficient tool is all you need.

GGate by GVST.

GGate by GVST.

Finally, here’s a handy video tutorial on how to set up a noise gate on a multitracked acoustic drum mix – it shows how a noise gate can be used to remove bleeding signals from individual drum tracks and thus clean up the mix as a whole (video by recordingrevolution):

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  1. IN ACTUAL USE, A DUCKER IS QUITE DIFFERENT THAN A SIDE-CHAINED COMPRESSOR…a drum hit triggering a comp will notch the target track more deeply as the snare hit gets louder– sort of contrary to the ideal relationship between the two tracks…the louder drum doesn’t require a deeper notch, the softer drum hit does…a true ducker decreases the gain on the target track the same dB whenever the threshold is crossed, regardless of the loudness of the triggering sound…there is at least one VST that will make one track’s volume follow the volume of another track, at a set db “distance”, (making a volume-analogy of the one track out of the other)…a kind of ideal ducker without a threshold…

  2. Strange question alert!
    I’m cutting all the noises in Audacity using default noise reduction by taking piece of clean noise. Do we have any plugin that can do exactly the same? Tried searching, had no luck.

  3. UPDATE —
    Floorfish is no longer available for MAC OS. They removed it because “too old, not of any use anymore”…. Snif.

  4. GVST actually has MacOS and Linux downloads on their website. Also, preFIX by VoS has a lot more functionality than just noise gate. Those two, plus ReaGate, since I already use REAPER, are my go-to gate solutions.

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