Free Polarity Switch VST Plugin Released By Sleepy-Time Records

Polarity by Sleepy-Time Records.

Polarity by Sleepy-Time Records.

Sleepy-Time Records has released Polarity, a handy polarity switch utility available as a freeware VST plugin for Windows.

Polarity is a simple tool that allows you to adjust the polarity of your audio signal anywhere in your DAW’s signal chain. It is extremely CPU efficient and features 4 modes: Off, Invert Left, Invert Right, and Invert Both. Download includes both 32-bit and 64-bit.dlls and a PDF manual.

Polarity is available for free download via Sleepy-Time Records.


Main features of Polarity:

  • Four modes: Off, Invert Left, Invert Right, Invert Left and Right.
  • Extremely CPU efficient
  • Available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit


Download Polarity: click here
Sleepy-Time Records Website: click here

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