ThrillseekerLA Coming March 2012!

ThrillseekerLA by Variety Of Sound.

ThrillseekerLA by Variety Of Sound.

Variety Of Sound has scheduled the release of their ThrillseekerLA compressor for early March 2012 and also revealed its gorgeous looking GUI (pictured above).

Why another compressor? To cut a long story short: There was a huge demand and lots of folks were asking for such a concept to be implemented in high quality but being available under a freeware license. On top, lots of compressor implementations still fall short, for example regarding the insufficient handling of IM distortion and that was itching me for quite some time.

If a digital compressor design is also dealing with non-linear affairs the things are getting even worse and not seldom not only aliasing is introduced but also the stereo image remains flat and boring. This is where the stateful handling of non-linear systems chimes in to bring sexy back and this is performing first with ThrillseekerLA. Two further plug-in releases are already planned to take advantage of this exciting technology too.

It’s silly how incredibly happy I am whenever VOS announces something new. If you are too, get more info about ThrillseekerLA via Variety Of Sound.


ThrillseekerLA Announcement: click here
Variety Of Sound Online: click here

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  1. @Tricky Loops:
    I don’t know a word about synthedit, but I suppose that Variety Of Sound plugins have very little code left of the pre-programmed modules. On the other hand I agree with you: In my opinion Terry West plugins are awesome.

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