77 Free EXS24/Kontakt Instruments By AZ Electronic Music Blog


AZ Electronic Music Blog has released AZ SimpleSynths, a collection of 77 free instruments for EXS24 and Kontakt.

‘AZ SimpleSynths’ is a collection of synth instruments for both Kontakt and Exs24 software samplers. I used Es2 synth for sound design here and modulation for each sound has been made with Es2.So i made no use of samplers filters or fx all you get here are synth instruments sampled from Es2 synth which i programmed.

Of course you can make use of samplers filters or fx’s if you want to or when it’s needed. This collection offers a number of typical synth instruments for electronic music production.

AZ SimpleSynths is available for free download via AZ Electronic Music Blog.

Audio Demo

Check out the AZ SimpleSynths audio demo:


Download AZ SimpleSynths: click here
AZ Electronic Music Blog Online: click here

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