Liquid Tension – Free Mini Glitch Sample Pack By Meestor Veebratoom


Meestor Veebratoom has released Liquid Tension, a small collection of glitchy/noisy samples in 32-bit WAV format.

So, here we go.  My first tumblr, my first attempt at, y’know, being this nominally social person who can at least pretend to like people. Today is a day of firsts, and while I’m not sure what exactly I want this blog to be about, I know one thing. I f**king love making noises.

And so today, as a welcoming present from me to you, whoever the f**k you are (probably not a person), enjoy this. It’s a collection of glitches, pops, whistles, noises and funky computer speak made in all of 30 minutes. Best used liberally in IDM, glitchpop, ambient and noise music.

Liquid Tension is f**king available for f**king free download via Meestor Veebratoom. F**k.

Audio Demo

Check out the Liquid Tension audio demo:


Download Liquid Tension: click here
Meestor Veebratoom Online: click here

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