Free Casio MT-35 Sample Library For Kontakt By joe_04_04


joe_04_04 has released a free NI Kontakt instrument featuring the sounds of a Casio MT-35 toy keyboard.

This might interest you guys who are fascinated with extremely retro sounding toys/instruments. I made my first “Kontakt Instrument.” I’m very new to kontakt, just received Komplete 8 a few days ago. I know how to create multiple velocity/round robin instruments, but there wasn’t a point for this since it wouldn’t have any variation in the notes. I didn’t mess with anything really.

I just imported each sample and that was it. There’s a total of 6 different instruments in this, which all contain the different tones the keyboard has. I didn’t include the little rhythm tracks that you can play to, sorry. The samples aren’t the greatest, since I recorded them years ago with an older interface. I held out each note 3 – 4 seconds so you will be limited there, but like I said, I recorded this years ago and didn’t know I’d be using it for this sort of thing. Let me know how I can improve this or if you want to add to it go for it.

The instrument is available for free download via Gearslutz (42.5MB download size).

Audio Demo

Check out the Casio MT-35 audio demo:


Download Free Casio MT-35 Samples: click here

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