HourGlass Free Granular Synth Officially Released!

HourGlass By Xenakios.

HourGlass By Xenakios.

Xenakios has released v1.0 of HourGlass, a freeware granular synthesizer for Windows (although the developer states that this release is still not a major milestone).

In order to continue features development, I’ll do the 1.0.0 release now, as no bug reports have surfaced since the last beta. Don’t think of this as a major milestone which would signify things are now working perfectly and completely as intended. This is just a version that has to be released in order to continue development…

HourGlass is available for free download via Xenakios. For a collection of free granular effects, check out BPB’s best free granulator VST plugins list.

Video Demo

Check out the HourGlass demo video:


Download HourGlass: click here

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