SLM 128 – Free Loudness Meter VST 3 Plugin Released By Steinberg!

SLM 128 by Steinberg.

SLM 128 by Steinberg.

Steinberg has released SLM 128, a freeware loudness meter in VST 3 plugin format for Windows and Mac (compatible with Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5 or higher).

Steinberg has released the SLM 128 Loudness Meter, a free VST 3 plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X that offers EBU R 128-compliant loudness metering within Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5 or higher.

SLM 128 is available for free download via Steinberg.


Main features of SLM 128:

  • EBU R 128-compliant loudness measurement
  • Momentary, Short Term and Integrated methods
  • True Peak and Range display
  • Classical metering
  • VST 3 plug-in (unsupported)


Download SLM 128: click here

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  1. Great Tom!
    Could you share some other cool lists of free plugins for metering? So then, we should know the dynamic and loudness correctly in final mix.
    I need a lot for mastering. Thank you!