Beat Zampler – Free SFZ Workstation By Synapse Audio (VSTi + AU)!

Beat Zampler by Synapse Audio.

Beat Zampler by Synapse Audio.

Synapse Audio and Beat Magazine have released Beat Zampler, a free sampler/workstation with SFZ support, available for Windows and Mac.

We’ve just released our sample workstation Zampler which is available for free at Zampler was developed by Synapse Audio and supports Windows and OS X and the plug-in formats VST and AU.

Beat Zampler is avilable for free download at Seems like a neat little sampler, and it also loads SFZ which is great news!

If you’re looking for free SFZ banks, here are some recommendations:

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UPDATE: Done a bit of testing and I really like what I’m seeing so far. Small download (around 1MB), easy installation (just extract the DLL), and SFZ file support works flawlessly. Also has a nice mod matrix and effects section. Seems like this will become my new go-to SFZ player. Thanks Synapse Audio & Beat Magazine!

Audio Demo

Check out the Beat Zampler audio demo:


Main features of Beat Zampler:

  • sample oscillators with SFZ support
  • multimode filter
  • three lfos
  • three ADSR envelopes
  • complex modulation matrix
  • step sequencer
  • effect section with overdrive, equalizer, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb
  • free demo soundbank
  • additional soundsets available on the Beat magazine DVDs


Download Beat Zampler: click here

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  1. sir,i loaded Zampler in my DAW and Savihost and i loaded an sfz sample buy i didnt get any audio output! what am i not doing right…please respond soon!

    • Bedroom Producers Blog


      Are you sure that your SFZ library is not broken? Have you tried loading another SFZ instrument?

      • yes sir,i actuallb tried loading sfz libraries by markus fiedler on the creative commons website…i suppose this app shud be able to load any sfz file right?….Also inoticed that the vst has a preset list,so i am wondering if i am supposed to have ant additional fxb or fxp to get sound out….i ll be expecting ur kind response….thanks for ur previous timely answer!

  2. Good god almighty this plugin needs better maintenance. It could be the greatest soundfont player and rompler in history. Come on Beat and Synapse!

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