Get Waldorf Edition LE For Free Via Beat Magazine’s Website!

PPG Wave 2.V by Waldorf.

PPG Wave 2.V by Waldorf.

Waldorf Music and Beat Magazine are giving away Waldorf Edition LE, a great bundle featuring PPG Wave 2.V, Waldorf Attack and D-Pole filter VST plugins.

Together with Waldorf Music, Beat is giving its readers the full version of a very exceptional plug-in collection consisting of PPG Wave 2.V, Waldorf Attack and D-Pole filter.

To get your free copy of Waldorf Edition LE, visit Beat Magazine’s website and register. After submitting your registration, you should receive an email with instructions for activating your licence. Once that’s done, you’ll receive your registration number and download links (EDIT: special thanks to KeyD for spotting an error in this part of the article).

Now, I’ve registered and downloaded the plugins, but sadly they won’t work on my DAW. I’ve also noticed similar reports from other people on KVR Forums. Basically, it seems that that Waldorf Edition LE simply won’t work on some computers, while it works normally on others. Please let me know how it works for you!

A HUGE thank you to bmovie for sending me info about this! Big ups man, I wouldn’t have found out about this giveaway otherwise (even though I still can’t get it to work, arghhh!).

Video Demo

Check out the PPG Wave 2.V demo video:


Download Waldorf Edition LE: click here

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  1. Unfortunately the download link doesn’t work anymore. On the Waldorf website I could only find a paying version.

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