The Old JB VST Plugin Bundle By Jeroen Breebaart Is Now Freeware!

Barricade Pro by Jeroen Breebaart.

Barricade Pro by Jeroen Breebaart.

Without any official announcement (or at least I can’t find it online), Jeroen Breebaart has re-released his fantastic old JB VST Plugin Bundle as freeware!

This bundle of old VST plugins is provided free of charge and comes with no warranty or support. Feel free to use these plugins, but use them at your own risk.

JB VST Plugin Bundle is available for free download via Jeroen Breebaart’s website (6.85MB download size, 42.6MB size on disk, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

The bundle includes all of Jeroen Breebaart’s old freeware plugins, as well as the ones which used to be commercial. There’s a total of 17 VST effects in the bundle:

  • JB Auditor Pro
  • JB Barricade
  • JB Barricade Pro
  • JB Broadcast
  • JB Ferox
  • JB FSynth Pro
  • JB Isone Pro
  • JB Isone Pro Surround
  • JB Omnisone
  • JB Omniverb
  • JB PC2
  • JB Red Phatt Pro
  • JB Red Phatt Pro Alt
  • JB Send
  • JB Smash Pro
  • JB Smash Pro Demo
  • JB TimeMachine

This is a simply fantastic offer! After Jeroen Breebaart released the ToneBoosters Bundle last year, even his old freeware stuff was not available anymore. And now we’re getting both the freeware and the commercial stuff. Thank you Jeroen!

Please let me know if you’ve noticed an official announcement about the re-release of Jeroen Breebaart’s bundle. I learned about this from Irion Da Ronin (thanks again for the great support, man!), who noticed the link in a thread on KVR Forums.


Download JB VST Plugin Bundle: click here 

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  1. Juan Maria Solare


    True, they are not there. “Noe news are good news” says Jerome.
    However, try and you have 4 plugins free that you might need (Sibilance, MS-stereo, reverb, barricade).
    On the same website you can download demo versions of all TB products, If I understood correctly, as for today the limitation is that parameter saving is disabled. If you could live with that… is your choice.

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