36 Free Hip Hop Drum Loops & Samples Released By Alex Medina


Alex Medina has released Alex Medina’s Drums Vol. 1, a set of free hip hop drum samples which he created and used in his own tunes.

Here are a few drum samples that I’ve created, edited, layered and/or chopped my self over the years. Many of these sounds have been used on records I have produced.

Alex Medina’s Drums Vol. 1 is available for free download via Alex Medina’s official website (16.4MB download size, contains 36 samples in 16-bit WAV format).

Please note that sharing the sample collection on Facebook or posting about it on your Twitter account is required in order to receive the download link.

There is no official audio demo for the samples, but they’ve been used in Alex Medina’s tunes. I’ve embedded his SoundCloud player below, so that you can take a listen to his music style before downloading the samples.

Audio Demo

Check out the Alex Medina’s Drums Vol. 1 audio demo:


Download Alex Medina’s Drums Vol. 1: click here

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