Zvenigorod – Free USSR Toy Piano Sample Library For NI Kontakt

Zvenigorod by Dargalon Instruments Studio.

Zvenigorod by Dargalon Instruments Studio.

Dargalon Instruments Studio has released Zvenigorod, a free NI Kontakt instrument featuring an old toy piano from USSR.

A small USSR piano with a unique sound that resembles a xylophone. The sound of this instrument has no equal in the atmosphere. Use it in the melody or in the background of your tracks!

Zvenigorod is available for free download via Dargalon Instruments Studio (50MB download size, contains 150 individual samples and 10 presets).

There are no audio demos unfortunately. But, according to the authours, the instrument sound similar to a xylophone. The instrument which was sampled for the creation of this library was built in 1969.

I’m a bit of a toy piano fiend and will certainly give this one a try this weekend! Please note, though, that you will need the full version of NI Kontakt in order to use this instrument without any limitations.


Download Zvenigorod: click here

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  1. I don’t know…It doesn’t take too much to try something like Zvenigorod. But I understand you. These days on web man has to develop skill to pick out what he really needs. For example I had bunch of atmosphere and FX samples on hard drive, but at once I realize that I had never actually used them. So I’ve deleted them…My motto is: If you haven’t used something in last two years delet it ! :)
    Cheers !

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