AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System Is Now FREE! (Donations Welcome)

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

Denis van der Velde has announced that the AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System mastering suite for Windows is now completely free to download and use!

Providing a software package that supplies you with Fully Automatic Audio Mastering. Making the Mastering Process easy and less time consuming, having a good overall sound quality, to process a Mix to a great sounding Master. Turn your mix into an commercial great sounding master.

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System is available for free download via Denis van der Velde’s website (15.7MB download size, standalone application for Windows). Although the application is 100% free to download and use, the developer does accept donations.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware reports that AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System contains a Qhosts.Trojan (thanks to UserFX and Impulslogik for reporting).

However, all other major antivirus programs, including Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast and avira aren’t reporting any threats. Reader Mark Wilhelmsson has reported that 44 other other antivirus tools don’t identify this program as a threat!

Finally, Denis van der Velde (the developer of AMMS) has personally re-assured me (via email and in the comments section) that the software is 100% clean.


The program can be used for fully automatic, as well as manual mastering. It is basically a standard mastering suite which is also capable of automatic mastering.

Automatic mastering does sound like an oxymoron (because the whole point of mastering is to send your mix to an experienced engineer, who will manually analyze and repair your mix in a treated room), however my first impressions of the AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System are extremely positive. It comes with a library of mastered audio files (available in various styles from rock to modern house), which are used as a reference for your mix. Even better, you can load any mastered track of your choice and use it as a reference for your mix. The program will then automatically master your mix, by applying the calculated EQ, compression and limiter settings.

I’ve mastered one DnB tune for a quick test this way, using another mastered DnB track as a reference. The resulting master was totally acceptable, especially considering the price and the effort that went into creating it (that’s zero price and zero effort, btw). Definitely mastered well enough for using on SoundCloud, or even sending as a demo to labels and such.

The program can also be used as a mastering suite, since it comes with built-in mastering effects and some pretty good metering tools. It also gives you EQ and compression suggestions, which you can export in Microsoft Word format and use those suggestions as a starting point while working on your mix with your favorite VSTs inside your DAW.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this program. I’d love to hear your opinion, especially if you have some mastering experience!

Fellow bloggers and website owners, the news about AAMS being free were first featured on BPB on April 13th 2013. Please consider including a link back to this article in your post, in case you’ve heard the news here. Thank you! :)

Video Demo

Check out the AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System demo video:


Download AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System: click here

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Tricky Loops


    The plugin suite that makes producers laugh, and mastering engineers cry… :-)

    I’m still waiting for “One Knob Mastering” – pushing one knob and mastering is done… :-)

  2. So, I played a bit with this tool and have to admit it is really complex. In my opinion this is a well thought out mastering suite. Ok, the auto mastering isn’t that 100% but for analyzing and comparing with reference tracks it is ok. Human mastering engineers also use reference tracks for comparing. And if you are not happy with the auto mastering you can still tweak the different stages manually. And here starts the fun.

    Except for the nice anylysing tools you have an eq-stage a compressor-stage and a loudness-stage. All three of them blew my mind.

    In all three stages you can tweak the left and right side individually. The eq can have up to 100 bands and there are different settings like “aams 50 band graphic eq” or “alesis 24 band graphic eq” and so on. The compressor-stage can have up to 8 bands. And same here. Tons of settings and the possibility to tweak the left and rght side individually. The loudness-stage is also really complex. Here you have a rms-limiter a peak-limiter and a brickwall-limiter. There are different presets for maximal, average and minimal loudness. The option to export the different stages inividually is a nice feature. So you can only process the eq-stage or the other two stages onto your audio material.

    There is much more to explore and aams isn’t that bad for mastering purposes. I think I’ll use it for learning and understanding mastering and as a suporting tool for my productions.

    • Bedroom Producers Blog


      i agree 100%! the auto-mastering feature is just one aspect of this program. the manual mode is great. i’m still getting used to the workflow and the GUI, but this thing might prove to be a very useful mastering tool.

  3. Denis van der Velde


    Also i think the review is good. But i would start using for instance a reference out of AAMS database. like @rmsall so maybe the results be better. Because All reference styles are specially made, and not just single tack references. Maybe youll be surpriced even more of the outcome. I will advise starting users to checkout the AAMS datebase, specially all @rms files. Later on, using your own references. A starting user can make a speady mistake, by using material that is not even ready for masterin (user can learn) but mostly will say a cdappy outcome is a mastering mistake and fault aams. But the thinking can also be… how can i learn from this and incorporate learnings to a good mix end result, to put that finally to a good master…

  4. Agreed, the power of this does not just lie in the auto-mastering feature. Manual mode is not to be underestimated. We use it for a lot of our song mastering and it always produces the goods.

  5. Ron Van Asteren


    This software AAMS Mastering System really did help me with my projects audio to get understanding to make a better mix and AAMS Mastering Software is outstanding as a one shot mastering solution. Thx. Denis for making this software free for everyone.

  6. To install AAMS you must be the system Adminstrator in Windows 7 or 8 (Vista) to have all files correctly installed. Also Windows 7 or 8 Home Version users might expirience problems not having XP mode installed on their computer.