Third Harmonic Studios Releases EXD-80 Free Drum Synthesizer VSTi

EXD-80 by Third Harmonic Studios.

EXD-80 by Third Harmonic Studios.

Third Harmonic Studios has released EXD-80, a freeware virtual analog drum synthesizer instrument in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

EXD-80 is a flexible drum synth that can produce a wide variety of drum and percussion sounds, from emulations of classic drum machines to crazy, mangled glitch sounds – all synthesized, no samples here!

EXD-80 is available for free download via Third Harmonic Studios (4.07MB download size, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows).

The plugin is based on subtractive synthesis and there are no samples inside. It can be used for re-creating classic drum machine sounds, as well as creating new and unique glitched-out sounds and noises.

According to the developers it can cover a range of genres from house and techno to glitch and hip hop. I’ve included an audio demo below and you can take a look at the demo video on YouTube (click to open in new tab).

Audio Demo

Check out the EXD-80 audio demo:


Download EXD-80: click here

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    Has great options and not the typical parameters or in other words: Seems to very flexible for weird sounds. A contender to Attack and Microtonic?

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