DrumMic’a – A Free Acoustic Drum Sample Library By Sennheiser

DrumMic'a by Sennheiser.

DrumMic’a by Sennheiser.

Sennheiser has released DrumMic’a, a high quality free acoustic drum sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

More than 13,000 samples from which the virtual drum set is re-assembled, were recorded by a professional drummer on a carefully selected drums and recorded with high-end microphones in a very good sounding recording studio.

DrumMic’a is available for free download via Sennheiser (4.3GB download size, contains 1 instrument in NKI format & over 13000 audio samples).

This seems like a high quality freebie and coming from a company like Sennheiser my expectations are pretty high. Unfortunately, the download page is in German, so I don’t really understand all the characteristics of the instrument.

I still haven’t downloaded the instrument myself, but the audio demos provided on the download page sound very good. Please let me know what you think about this one guys! Do you like the sound and usability of the instrument?

Also, does his work with Kontakt Player? From what I could gather, you don’t need the full version of Kontakt to use this one!

Video Demo

Check out the DrumMic’a demo video:


Download DrumMic’a: click here

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  1. Stah, UserFX, FaUs or Krampf, can you help Me? or just send me your data registrations (My mail is [email protected])? I’m Italian and so confused that not understand german language!!! Thanks and cheers! :'(

  2. hi again, past half an hour after i wrote this sentence here it worked. i cant explain why, but finally i got my activation :)

    but before that i asked the support, they answered really really fast and said that the little probelems are known. till friday they try to fix this circumstances. hope this help, thats what i got said. hope it will work for you soon!

    can you explain what not work turello ? not every site in the registration is needed. a few data about you in part 2 for example (name,street,country), email and password in the next.

    “weiter” is “next” or “go on”. “abschicken” is “send” in part 6

    thank you sennheiser <3 !

  3. How about license for commercial use? Can we use it only for educational purposes? Unfortunately german isn’t my language so I can’t find and understand this thing. Someone can help?

  4. I downloaded the file on my Mac; it saved as an .iso disk image. However, the Mac installer shows up as a folder (with the extension .mpkg as part of the name of the folder, without the period to show it’s an installer package). I am downloading the file again, although since I don’t think a fresh download will work I also ordered the DVD. Since I live in the US, I’m not sure if or when I may receive this, but I know I will have forgotten all about it by the time it arrives… This is SUCH a good deal, though, it’s worth a little wait time IMO.

    • DONE!
      Quite a nice toy: I do not like the default sounds, but it is a gas to tweak all of those microphones…

      IT HAS BEEN A MESS! ’cause I am not so keen on that downloading stuff

      So, I hope the gain will pay the pain.

  5. I downloaded on macbook pro and opened the .iso with the unarchiver
    but I don’t know what to do from there.

    I can’t open the .exe with mac (I don’t know why it’s included in the set for Mac)
    I can’t open the DISTRIBUTION.DIST either

    Can someone give me a hand?

  6. This might be a dumb question, but do you need kontact to use these samples? Can I just use the audio files or are they in a certain format for Kontact? thanks!

  7. Website DOES NOT WORK.


    Really pissed off with this.

  8. The microphone options are fantastic, and the sound sculpting within Kontakt Player are quite nice. The output selections are glitchy and a big drain on the CPU and sound engine. I suspect that Kontakt requiring a master output for audio is the primary reason; once I set up a Surround-Channel master out, I was able to direct each drum component to their respective channels in Sonar Producer X3, but at the expense of the audio clipping.

    I wanted to like this synth, but it ultimately requires too much workaround to get it fully functional and usable in my workflow. I’ll be sticking with EZ Drummer 2.

  9. Mark Dancer


    Just to confirm your supposition in the last paragraph, according to Sennheiser, “DrumMic’a! ist … für den KONTAKT 5 PLAYER.” So it doesn’t need the full contact, only the player.

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