ALIPAPA Releases A Free Roland TR-808 Drum Machine VSTi Plugin



ALIPAPA has released VR-08, a freeware VSTi plugin for Windows which emulates the famous Roland TR-808 drum machine.

VSTi sound source that has been developed in order to realistic as possible on a PC modern, warm and light sound of analog sound source only to have of the TR-808 is the VR-08.

VR-08 is available for free download via ALIPAPA’s website (409MB download size, contains 1 instrument in 32-bit & 64-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows).

The instrument is based on 24-bit/96kHz samples of the original instrument, with the total of 2134 samples included! According to the info provided on the download page, special caution has been taken in order to avoid the machine gun effect while using the instrument.

VR-08 also features a nice and detailed GUI which allows vast control over the individual sounds. It also seems like there’s a built-in sequencer, but I’m not sure whether it’s functional, or just there for the visual effect.

I still haven’t tested the plugin, but I’m downloading it right now. It seems that this could be the best freeware virtual 808 instrument around. My favorite so far has been the TS-808 by Tactile Sounds, although it is based on synthesis, instead on sampling.

Audio Demo

Check out the VR-08 audio demo:


Download VR-08: click here

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  1. Limitations of the free version:
    Only 44.1kHz
    No multiple outputs
    Only one plugin instance in a project

    Still a very good 808 emulation for free

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