Cableguys FilterShaper 3 Public Beta Now Available! (Free Download)

FilterShaper 3 Beta by Cableguys.

FilterShaper 3 Beta by Cableguys.

Cableguys have released a public Beta version of FilterShaper 3, the forthcoming update to their fantastic filter effect VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac.

We just released the FilterShaper 3 beta today. It’s a rather big thing for us. FilterShaper 3 is perfect for subtle changes but also for crazy modulations with more than 60 LFOs and 50 envelope followers, new Sallen-Key filters, oscilloscopes, MIDI triggering, LFO speed modulation etc. It also now includes a online preset library for fast access to common settings.

FilterShaper 3 public Beta is available for free download at KVR Audio (25.0 Mb download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac).

This is an workhorse filter effect, with huge modulation possibilities and a great custom waveform editor. It can be used for anything from basic filtering tasks to pseudo sidechain compression and advanced sound design. The new version of FilterShaper introduces a brand new set of Sallen-Key type filters with filter drive, a new interface design with a real time oscilloscope display, and a new preset management system which was introduced in the latest version of the Curve synthesizer.

The freely available public Beta version basically works as a free demo. It is fully functional, however only one instance is allowed per project. You can save your presets and use them in the full version once it’s released. The full version of FilterShaper 3 will be priced at $89 and you can get it as a free upgrade if you purchase FilterShaper 2 which is currently priced at $69 (the Cableguys bundle is currently at a 20% discount).

I took the public Beta version of FilterShaper 3 for a quick spin and I’m loving it so far. The new filter models sound great, the interface looks nice and clean, and the new preset system offers a great way to organize your sounds and share them with other people. I’ve felt inspired enough to create a short demo video which you can watch below. Submit your feature requests and get more info about the plugin at the KVR Audio thread linked above!

Video Demo

Check out the FilterShaper 3 demo video:


Download FilterShaper 3 Beta: click here

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  1. That new design puts me off, i liked the simplicity of their older versions.

    Also has that god awful preset sharing library.. really annoying in my op.

    • @nickrage: You don’t have to be online when using the preset library – it will still be pre-filled with 100+ patches; you can filter for best-rated or for approved presets, for preset designers and (soon) for tags. You can set your own presets to public or private. And if you prefer to create your own patches from scratch, you don’t have to use the preset library at all. The sharing feature and connecting online is an option, not a must. So I don’t know what should be annoying about it?

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