Free Lexicon 480L Impulse Response Collection By Grant Nelson


DJ and music producer Grant Nelson (aka Big Gee) has announced the release of his personal collection of Lexicon 480L reverb impulse responses which can now be downloaded free of charge.

About 12 years ago I sat down and recorded a complete set of impulse responses from the legendary & industry standard Lexicon 480L digital reverb unit. The reason for doing this was so that I could have a “virtual” 480L inside the box in my Pro Tools rig via Audio Ease‘s excellent Altiverb plug-in.

The impulse responses are available for free download via HousecallFM (20.9 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 54 impulse responses in 24-bit WAV format & PST format).

The pack features a collection of IR files which captured the sound of Lexicon 480L’s factory presets. Thankfully, the included impulse responses are available in WAV format which means that you can use them in a freeware impulse response loader plugin such as the Reverberate LE. While algorithmic reverbs do offer certain over using impulse responses, by using IRs you can get pretty close to using those actual legendary reverb units such as the Lexicon 480L in your cheap home studio.

The same author has recently released a small set of free audio samples captured from an old Akai MPC sampler. While the included drums and bass one shots are nothing to write home about, some of the included electric piano sounds are actually pretty cool. Definitely check it out if you enjoy messing with classic old school hip hop samples.

I couldn’t find any decent demo videos of the original reverb unit online, however here’s a nice little dub jam with the similar Lexicon 224 reverb:


Free Lexicon 480L IRs

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    • From the sites Q&A:

      “So how do you use these?

      There are full install instructions inside the zip file but you WILL need an impulse response player plug-in. Either Altiverb, as mentioned above or Logic’s Space Designer. I’m sure there are plenty of other plug-in’s on other platforms but I only use Mac’s so that’s all I can tell you about i’m afraid.”

  1. These are amazing! Using them (with Reverberate LE) in my projects already. Lush as hell–they put epicVerb, which ain’t bad by any stretch, to absolute shame.

  2. SteveJBailey


    Thank you. Nice to have someone give something for free, especially as it helps the rest of us that cant afford to buy all this.

  3. Balam Diaz Escalante


    Thanks a lot dud. i’ll try’em out in ReaVerb to see if i can make it a useful unit for my mixes. i came from a Kenny Gioia tutorial where they sound pretty straght.
    So, thanks again.

  4. Really I love these samples! Love the drum plate and guitar plate.

    I’ve I a question about IR’s from reverb units:

    Is it permitted (copyright) to use the IR’s in musical projects? (Hobby-project on Youtube or professional use)

    Maybe someone can give me the answer.

  5. Has anyone compared the impulse waveforms to the ones in the Zoom RFX-1000 effects unit? I suspect that Zoom were “inspired” by the 480L’s reverb.

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