All Ugo VST Plugins Are Now Freeware!

M-Theory by Ugo.

After developing innovative audio effects and instruments for over a decade, talented developer and sound designer Ugo has announced that all of his commercial VST plugins are now re-released as freeware and offered as such to anyone interested in using them.

It hardly comes as a surprise to most to hear that I have not had any time for plugin design in SynthEdit for many years. At this point, my old synths and effects are all quite out of date as far as system compatibility goes and I haven’t the time to do all that would be needed to update them. As a result, I feel it is time to let them be free to all who wish to use them.

The plugins are available for free download via Ugo’s website (32-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

Although these VST plugins were developed with SynthEdit, they are light years away from being generic creations which we sometimes get from the SE world. Ugo has often experimented with different synthesis methods and innovative audio effect designs, offering several unique software tools for music producers.

Still, the fact that these plugins were developed with SynthEdit is one of the main reasons for them being re-released as freeware. According to the developer, being limited to the 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows due to SE means that they are quickly becoming outdated in terms of system compatibility.

My all-time favorite instrument by Ugo is the brilliant Rez3 monophonic synthesizer. It is the perfect tool for designing monophonic leads and basslines, with a nice set of features and an easy to use interface. Other highlights include the M-Theory hybrid synthesizer which was built around the Karplus-Strong physical modeling technique and the innovative Disturbance beat slicer for percussive loops.

Video Demo

Check out the M-Theory demo video:


Ugo VST Plugins

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    Beside HGFortune, the master of innovative Synthedit creations, Chris is one of the better developers who show what Synthedit is really capable of! Now let’s hope that Synthedit will go 64-bit soon…