Amazing Free Piano Sample Library Released By Ivy Audio (NI Kontakt)

Piano in 162 by Ivy Audio.

Ivy Audio has released Piano in 162, an astonishing free piano instrument (featuring over 5 GB of audio material!) for NI Kontakt based on the samples of a Steinway Model B grand piano.

I’m proud to present a project of mine I’ve been working on for a little under six months: a Kontakt sample library of a Steinway model B piano, complete with two microphone positions, two round robins, five dynamic levels, and separate sustain pedal samples. I built this library as a side project. It seems silly to put that much effort into something and not share it, so it’s available completely free of charge for personal or commercial use.

This is the first ever release by Ivy Audio, and man does it rock! A Steinway Model B grand piano was sampled in two microphone positions for this sample collection, with five velocity layers, two round robin variations of each sample, and sustain pedal on/off modes. The only thing lacking are the release samples, but this can be remedied with a bit of reverb.

The product is available free of charge and it’s available for use in both free and commercial projects. It first started as a project for personal use, but the man behind Ivy Audio has decided to give it away for everyone to use and enjoy. Although the library as offered as a freebie, you can still donate some funds to Ivy Audio at their official website linked below.

Please note that this is one HUGE download, over 5 GB in size! You can choose between the direct download link and a torrent version. I think we can all help a little bit by seeding the torrent after downloading the library.

Audio Demo

Check out the Piano in 162 audio demo:


Piano in 162 is available for free download via Ivy Audio (5.7 GB download size, ZIP archive, formatted for use with NI Kontakt).

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  1. The interface does not show up in the Sforzando version as what is shown for the Kontakt version…and for whatever reason Sforzando will not keep the library loaded…every time I close and re-open, I always have to re-load / re-import it.

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