Free MIDI VST Plugin Suite By CodeFN42

CCStepper by CodeFN42.

CodeFN42 has released a collection of four freeware MIDI effects in VST plugin format for Windows. The suite includes an arpeggiator, a sequencer, a chord trigger, and a MIDI filter utility.

All four plugins are provided as separate downloads on the product page linked below. Here’s a bit more information about all four CodeFN42 freebies. One thing which is mutual for all four products is the super slick user interface, both easy on the eyes and super functional.

CCStepper is my favorite one of the bunch. It is a MIDI CC data sequencer, suitable for controlling MIDI capable software or external devices. Basically, you pick a CC# and use the provided 64-step sequencer to send host synced MIDI data. You can pick any number of steps between 1 and 64 and the rate goes from 32/1 to 1/128, which is simply brilliant. The sequencer can be synced to host (default setting), but it can also be triggered by incoming MIDI notes. The Smooth function smooths out the steps in the current sequence, resulting in a more natural LFO-like performance. There are several other neat features hidden under the hood, like step randomization, preset sequences, different playback modes, etc. If you’re looking for a MIDI CC# generator for your DAW, this plugin is a great candidate.

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RandARP is a free MIDI arpeggiator with some great randomization features. All the standard arpeggiator parameters are included, but the plugin also offers complete randomization of the gate, velocity, shifting, and swing parameters for each note. This neat little freebie offers a great alternative to the already popular Kirnu and BlueARP freeware arpeggiators.

Chordit is a neat little utility for triggering chords with a single MIDI note message. The plugin can trigger up to five notes at the same time, with optional randomization for each note. A really nice feature is the start delay, which can be used to emulate strumming.

MIDIChFilter is a simple MIDI filter utility. It only passes the MIDI data on the selected channels. It can be used as a live performance tool, if you’re sending MIDI data to a single device on multiple MIDI channels.


The plugins are available for free download via CodeFN42 (32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

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