Clare Solo – Free Experimental Female Vocal Library By Ivy Audio (NI Kontakt)


Clare Solo by Ivy Audio.Clare Solo is a free vocal instrument library by Ivy Audio, the creator of the fantastic Piano in 162. In contrast to most currently available solo vocal libraries, Clare Solo focuses on smooth transitions between different notes.

This is an impressive female solo vocal instrument and it becomes even more impressive when you realize that all included sounds were recorded in only one hour an a half (more info in the demo video below). The sound is very natural, especially the transitions, although things can fall apart rather quickly when you try to play faster melodies with Clare Solo. But for slower melodies, this free vocal instrument is really hard to beat.

It’s worth noting that the provided NKI patch responds to velocity, so that you can get some lovely natural crescendos at lower velocities. Also, the natural reverb captured in the recordings is absolutely wonderful.

The library is released as a free sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt (the full version of the instrument is required in order to use the provided NKI patch without any limitations). Luckily for non-Kontakt users, the library also contains the individual vocal recordings in WAV format (195 vocal samples in total). These can be used in virtually any sampler instrument out there. Here’s our round-up of freeware samplers for Windows and Mac OS X, in case you’re still looking for a workhorse sampler instrument for your DAW.

By the way, the previous release by Ivy Audio is a must-have for anyone in search of a high quality piano instrument. Piano in 162 is an absolutely brilliant free grand piano sample library, available in both Kontakt and SFZ instrument formats.

Video Demo

Check out the Clare Solo demo video:


Clare Solo is available for free download via Ivy Audio (360 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 195 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format, 1 instrument patch in NKI format).

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  1. This is true realistic quality once you get used to the crossfades and transitions. I would recommend this to anyone that’s for sure. Ivy Audio are producing great quality instruments. They (or he… I’m not sure) are looking very promising for the future.

    • Thanks! It’s just me for now, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to expanding.

      I’d love to hear anything you write with the libraries; feel free to send me anything you come up with.

  2. Hello Simon…..any news or found time for a sfz-version of Clare Solo? I am better at playing as for remapping in sfz and I don´t know the pitches of the individual samples….So a sfz version would be a big hit for someone…Thank you

    • Hi Kujashi,

      Nothing yet. I’ve been working with Impact Soundworks on another piano library and figuring out a free drum library in my spare time. If you’d like help with anything feel free to email me at [email protected]. I’d be happy to explain mappings or anything else you need!


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