Project Pegasus – 122 FREE Cinematic Pads & Ambient Soundscapes By Bryan Lake


Project Pegasus by Bryan Lake.

Project Pegasus is an impressive collection of ambient and cinematic sounds created by Bryan Lake aka Sound Author. This huge sample library is available as a free download in the form of a cinematic instrument bundle for NI Kontakt 5, as well as any WAV compatible sampler or other type of instrument instrument.

Bryan has done an absolutely outstanding job with this sound library, building 122 top notch cinematic and ambient instrument patches and making them fit in a neatly packed 202 MB archive. All of the included instrument patches were crafted from scratch using various virtual and real world instruments. Some of the instruments which were used while creating Project Pegasus are NI Massive and Synth1, however Bryan has also used his electric guitar and some other hardware tools.

The raw sounds were processed with both internal and outboard effects and a range of custom Reaktor devices. Bryan explains that he enjoys experimenting with feedback loops and various other sound mangling techniques in order to create original sounds with some rather unexpected results.

The result is an impressive library of warm and organic sounding pads and soundscapes, along with a great bonus set of arpeggio loops. This is an impressive toolbox of textures and instruments for your next cinematic masterpiece or ambient work, although most of the included sounds will also fit perfectly in other music genres.

The Kontakt instrument (pictured in the demo video below) features some basic sound editing controls, making it possible to quickly tweak the included sounds according to your needs. If you don’t use Kontakt, feel free to load the provided 24-bit WAV files into any compatible sampler. Building your own custom mappings for these sounds shouldn’t be a hard task, since they’re already edited to loop perfectly.

Video Demo

Check out the Project Pegasus demo video:


Project Pegasus is available for free download via 99Sounds (212 MB download size, RAR archive, contains 122 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format, 122 instrument patches in NKI format for NI Kontakt 5).

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  1. Um…the arps don’t seem to work (on my PC) – the only sounds I get are just some clicks. The other 2 sections work perfectly. Any ideas what could cause this? Thanks.

  2. Sorry for not being more specific: the arps nki files loaded in Kontakt don’t put out any sound except for clicks. The audio files themselves work (sound) just fine, but for some reason the nki files don’t seem able to trigger them.

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