BIGROOMKIXSYNTH Kick Drum VSTi Plugin Update (v1.2)


Hinton & Fairchild have released an updated version of the BIGROOMKIXSYNTH freeware kick drum synthesizer VSTi plugin for 32-bit Windows based host applications.

The first version of BIGROOMKIXSYNTH was certainly one of 2014’s highlights when it comes to free music making software (it was also mentioned in our Top 40 article for the previous year). The successful concept of an all-round powerful electronic kick drum generator gets further refined in this brand new update which introduces an entire set of new features and workflow improvements.

The two most important new features (in my opinion) are the global amplitude envelope and the fully customizable pitch envelope. The global ADS envelope which controls the overall volume on the output makes it much easier to shape the tail of the generated kick drum, something that wasn’t so easy to achieve in the previous versions of BIGROOMKIXSYNTH. The amplitude envelope also makes it super easy to tame the attack of the kick drum, in case you want to layer it underneath a transient which is present in a separate track.

The pitch envelope significantly boosts the sound palette of this already powerful kick drum synthesizer, allowing for even punchier and more prominent bass drum sounds to be generated on the output. The pitch envelope is fully customizable, with user-editable waveforms and a dedicated patch manager which can be used to save your custom pitch envelope settings for future reference.

Perhaps even more important for some users is the new sample export functionality which makes it possible to export the generated kick drum as a WAV file in just a few mouse clicks. To export the one shot sample of your kick drum, simply click the record button on the GUI and then right-click the drum playback pad, after which the file save dialogue will appear on the screen.

Other improvements include an overhauled distortion module, a bitcrusher effect for generating even more aggressive sounding kick drums, a noise generator in the body section and MIDI learn functionality. Last but not least, the output can be normalized to prevent significant volume changes while tweaking the instrument’s sound parameters.

To download your free copy of BIGROOMKIXSYNTH, add it to your shopping cart on the product page linked below and proceed to free checkout. After submitting your email address, the direct download link will appear in your active browser window. You won’t be asked to validate your email address.

Video Demo

Check out the BIGROOMKIXSYNTH v1.2 intro video:


BIGROOMKIXSYNTH is available for free download via Hinton & Fairchild and here’s an alternative direct link hosted here with permission from the developer (2.34 MB download size, 7ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with FlowStone).

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