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Biome Digital has recently released Rhymes With Rogue – Leads, a sample library based on the sounds of the Moog Rogue hardware analogue synthesizer. In this review, we are taking a closer look at the Native Instruments Kontakt version of the library. But that’s not all! Biome Digital is kindly giving away one free copy of the library to one lucky BPB reader!

Apart from the Native Instruments Kontakt version, Biome Digital’s latest sample library is also available as a Reason ReFill, an Ableton Live pack and a Beat Zampler sound bank (Beat Zampler is a freeware sampler instrument by Beat Magazine). All versions of the library are based on the same source material, however the pricing differs from version to version.

Rhymes With Rogue – Leads features 2730 Moog Rogue multi-­samples, organized into 35 sample sets which were used to create 120 different instrument patches in total. Each multi-­sampled patch features 78 individual samples, with each note sampled across seven full octaves. Biome Digital has also included a fantastic little selection of bonus content, packing a lovely set of fat sounding Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine samples and loops, a set of raw Moog Rogue oscillator multi-samples (eight multi-sampled waveform packs with 78 samples in each one) and an awesome mini collection of analogue SFX samples (featuring 116 sound effects in total).

The Kontakt version of the pack features a custom user interface which can be used to tweak the factory patches and turn them into completely new sounds. The custom user interface is somewhat rudimentary, but still quite handy for tweaking the factory patches. It includes a low pass filter module with standard resonance and cutoff controls and a filter envelope control, a simple AR envelope for the volume and an effects mix control.

It’s worth noting that the modulation wheel is linked to a different parameter in every patch. Some of the patches use the modulation wheel to control the amount of vibrato, however other patches use it to control the filter cutoff, distortion level, as well as some other parameters. Same goes for note velocity and aftertouch, which affect different sound parameters depending on the patch. We loved the attention to detail when it comes to modulation, since this really adds to the overall expressiveness of the factory patches.

The Verdict

Priced at $26 and featuring a fantastic collection of raw Moog Rogue samples paired up with a useful custom user interface, the Kontakt version of Rhymes With Rogue – Leads is certainly worthy of your attention if you’re looking for gritty modern lead sounds, or if you’d simply like to add some good quality Moog Rogue sounds to your sonic arsenal. If you don’t use NI Kontakt but still want the raw Moog Rogue sample content, the cheapest way to get it would be to purchase the SoundFont version of the library which is currently priced at $11 (during the introductory offer) and features the same sample pool of 2730 individual samples.

More info: Rhymes With Rogue – Leads ($25.68)

The Giveaway

One lucky BPB reader will get this fantastic collection of Moog Rogue samples for free, thanks to Biome Digital who provided a free copy of the pack which we can give away to you guys! The winner can pick any of the four available versions of the library (NI Kontakt, Ableton Live, Propellerhead reason, Beat Zampler / SoundFont).

To enter the giveaway, simply post your entry in the comments section below. Only one comment per person is allowed. By entering the giveaway, you are also signing up for the Biome Digital mailing list. The winner will be picked by a random number draw on April 3rd (your comment works as your number in the draw) and announced on this page. We will also notify the winner via email.

Good luck in the giveaway everyone and thanks for reading BPB! :)

The giveaway is now closed and the winner is Gregory Grant (comment #6). Congrats! :)

Thanks everyone for joining in. We have a huge one coming up on Monday, so stay tuned!

Rhymes With Rogue - Leads Review

8.5 Awesome

Priced at $26 and featuring a fantastic collection of raw Moog Rogue samples paired up with a useful custom user interface, the Kontakt version of Rhymes With Rogue - Leads is certainly worthy of your attention if you're looking for gritty modern lead sounds, or if you'd simply like to add some good quality Moog Rogue sounds to your sonic arsenal.

  • Content Quality 8
  • Pricing 9
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