AutoSwell Light – Free Automatic Volume Pedal VST/AU Plugin


Pecheneg Audio FX has introduced AutoSwell Light, a freeware volume pedal effect VST/AU plugin which automatically reacts to the audio signal on the input.

So, what can AutoSwell Light do to your audio? The basic principle is quite simple, but also very effective (and also something that you’ll be quite familiar with if you’ve used the Boss SG-1 guitar pedal in the past). The plugin “listens” to the audio stream on the input and gradually increases the volume once it detects a signal, softening the attack and creating a fade in. As a result, percussive sounds can be softened and turned into something completely different, so for example a guitar can sound like a violin and a noise burst can sound like a reverse cymbal.

The plugin’s interface features four knobs and a bypass switch. The most important parameter is the “Time” control which is used to determine the length of the fade in. It has a value range of 0.01 seconds to a maximum of 10 seconds, so it’s possible to do very short fades which are suitable for softening the attack of percussive sounds, as well as extremely long fade ins which can work great when applied to static sounds and drones.

Other parameters include a “Sensitivity” knob which basically works as a threshold setting, a “Depth” control which is used to determine the initial gain of the fade in (relative to the dry signal), and a volume control on the output. Obviously, this kind of effect is not something that you’d normally apply to virtual instruments (since most of them already include an attack parameter), but it can do wonders when applied to guitars, percussion, vocals, or pre-recorded synthesizers.

The plugin is available for direct free download from the developer’s website and there’s no need to register or sign up for a newsletter. The download contains just the DLL file and nothing else, which is great! AutoSwell Light is the second release coming from Pecheneg Audio FX, who has also developed the fantastic freeware Pecheneg Tremolo effect.


AutoSwell Light is available for free download via Pecheneg Audio FX (1.4 MB download size, DLL file, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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  1. I was long since looking for a volume sweller that allows really long times, like this (10s).

    But even more I was looking for something that reduces the volume over a very slow period. Basically a soft compressor with very, very slow attack time (10s).

    If the devs of this volume-sweller could allow the opposite of not crescending the volume, but descrending (option). That would be uber-awesome.
    You guys would be literally the only ones that offer such a plugin!

    Would it be possible to inverse the effect as a simple option????

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