Karoryfer Updates Their Free Meatbass And Cello (Kontakt/SFZ)


Karoryfer Lecolds has released updated versions of their Meatbass and Karoryfer x bigcat cello sound libraries in SFZ format for Plogue sforzando. The Kontakt version of the cello library, scripted by bigcat instruments, has also been updated.

Both the Karoryfer x bigcat cello and Meatbass now feature fully scripted sforzando GUIs (based on an advanced version of the SFZ script that allows the patch author to create a fully customized user interface in Plogue sforzando), improved vibrato (with humanization and also bow pressure variation simulation), legato with glide, and full AHDSR envelopes. The Kontakt version of the cello, made by bigcat instruments, now uses the WIPS scripts which also have vibrato, legato and glide. The sforzando version of the cello now also has 8-voice and 4-voice mappings for both bowed and plucked notes.

In case you haven’t used the two libraries before, here’s a bit more info. Meatbass is a free sample library in SFZ format, featuring the sounds of an Otto Rubner acoustic double bass from 1958. It packs quite a few different articulations with varying amounts of velocity layers and round robins. For example, pizzicato has for round robins and four velocity layers across three octaves, whereas arco has five velocity layers and two round robins across four octaves. The library contains 434 audio samples in total (WAV format) and you’ll need Plogue sforzando v1.845 or higher in order to load the new SFZ patches with the customized user interface.

On the other hand, Karoryfer x bigcat cello is an awesome cello sample library for Plogue sforzando and NI Kontakt, made in tandem with bigcat instruments. The recordings were performed by a talented cellist who received her master’s degree in cello performance a few days before recording the sounds for this sample library. The SFZ patches can be downloaded from the Karoryfer Lecolds website and the NKI patches (for NI Kontakt) are hosted by bigcat instruments.

After downloading the two libraries, you should fire up Plogue sforzando and drag and drop the *.bank files (found in the downloaded ZIP archives) onto the plugin’s user interface. This will register the libraries and make them easily accessible from the preset browser whenever you load sforzando in your DAW of choice.

Meatbass and Karoryfer x bigcat cello are available for free download via Karoryfer Lecolds.

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