Psychic Modulation Construct VST Plugin Is FREE This Black Friday!


Psychic Modulation has announced that their Construct drum machine 32-bit VST plugin for Windows ($39 standard price) is now available as an exclusive free download from their website until Cyber Monday. The developer is also giving away the Constructors sound pack for Ableton Live.

Construct is a sample-based drum synthesizer, meaning that it uses sampled waveforms and transients as the sound source for creating kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms and other percussive sounds from scratch. The plugin features eight drum modules (kick drum, snare drum, clap, tom, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2, cymbals and percussion), a mixer with volume, pan, send and mute/solo controls for each module, a dub delay effect, a 4-slot modulation matrix, a compressor, an equalizer, a preset manager, and the master volume section.

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Each drum module consists of three building blocks: transient, oscillator and ambiance. The output stage for each drum module features a crunch effect can be used for blending these elements together, or for processing them individually for added grit. Every building block comes with a set of built-in waveforms (a variety of transients, noises and basic synth waveforms), as well as envelope and pitch controls, filters, frequency modulation, randomize and initialize buttons, etc. The modulation matrix is particularly fun to experiment with, as it can be used to modulate virtually any parameter present in the drum module area, such as the transient pitch, FM amount, crunch levels, etc.

Construct comes with a set of 31 factory drum kits and a blank patch which is meant for building new kits from scratch. Building new kits in Construct is obviously tons of fun if you normally enjoy tinkering with drum machines. The user interface, although a bit busy at first sight, is actually rather inviting and user friendly. The plugin’s only real drawback is the fact that it was made using SynthEdit, meaning that it is only compatible with 32-bit VST plugin host applications on Windows.

In addition to Construct, Psychic Modulation is also giving away the Constructors sound pack for Ableton Live. Constructors is a set of drum machine building blocks provided as Ableton Live drum racks, featuring 100 drum sounds per module, split into three layers.

Construct is available for free download via Psychic Modulation (10.6 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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      • I feel the same way about every computer still running programs in C. i mean, what is it, the year 1973 or something? I thought it was the year 2016 we should be using a better programming language than C by now. I feel you bro.

    • 99% of people who complain about 32 bit also own and play a Nintendo Entertainment System with the original cartridges. Not saying you’re one.

  1. Not bad. This type of sound can’t be used often, but sometimes this is what needed. It sounds like simple digital/sine/FM/noise drums. Can be used for background percussion.

    The notes related to instruments is kinda confusing choice.
    C, D, D#, F, F#, A#, A, B, C#, you’ll see what I mean

    So here is how it sounds(tho with some eq and compressor to keep it in frame):


  2. I like this. I know some are being dismissive as it’s 32bit. But the truth is I have many 32 bit vst I would be lost without as they are very distinctive. And feed my creativity. I use Sonar Producer 8.5 in a 64bit W7. So have the luxury of both enviroments. Besides things end up on some lofi Soundcloud, or dubious download site. Despite all my efforts to produce as high a quality release for my netlabels as I can.

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