SIR Audio Tools Intros Free SpectrumAnalyzer VST/AU Plugin


SIR Audio Tools has announced the release of SpectrumAnalyzer Free, a freeware multi-channel spectrum analyzer in VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin formats for PC and Mac based hosts.

SpectrumAnalyzer Free is a freeware feature-limited version of SIR Audio Tools’ new SpectrumAnalyzer plugin which is priced at $44 (a 25% OFF discount is available for email subscribers). Compared to the full version of the product, SpectrumAnalyzer Free offers two analyzer slots (four in the paid version) and up to 4 bands per octave in analog mode (versus up to 32 in the paid version). It also can’t save custom presets for later use.

Everything else is pretty much the same as in the full version of the software, and this means that SpectrumAnalyzer Free is actually one of the best freeware spectrum analyzers around at the moment. The highlight feature, of course, is the plugin’s ability to display two analyzer slots at the same time. These can be used to monitor two separate mixer channels at the same time (the bass track and the kick drum, for example) or to show different analyze different aspects of the same signal (such as R/L and M/S analysis).

The user interface is fully resizable, which is always nice to see. What’s even better, though, is that the advanced controls and the top menu bar can be hidden, making it possible to turn SpectrumAnalyzer Free into a lovely full-screen spectrum display (pictured below). This works especially well for dual monitor setups, in which the plugin can be displayed on a separate monitor for an ultra-detailed look at the frequency response.

Full-screen spectrum analysis goodness with SpectrumAnalyzer Free.

Full-screen spectrum analysis goodness with SpectrumAnalyzer Free.

The analyzer itself can be customized quite dramatically, both in terms of functionality and looks. The user can choose between FFT and analog analysis modes (the analog mode is somewhat limited in the free version), adjust the hold time, peak monitoring, RMS analysis, transparency, and add visual effects such as shadows and contour.

The plugin is offered as a completely free download from the developer’s website, no registration required. It comes with an installer which extracts the plugin files to the designated folder. The free version works as a regular plugin, without any nag screens, noise bursts, and similar annoyances.

SpectrumAnalyzer Free is available for free download via SIR Audio Tools (15.5 MB download size, ZIP archive containing installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin formats for Windows & Mac OS).

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