Download Arturia MiniFilter V For FREE (Offer Ends December 25th)


Arturia is giving away the MiniFilter V virtual effect as a free download on their website. To claim your free MiniFilter V license, you must add it to your Arturia user account before December 25th.

MiniFilter V emulates the ladder filter (24 dB/octave low-pass filter) which has been one of the most important ingredients of the iconic Moog synth sound. In addition to the low-pass filter module, MiniFilter V also includes a powerful modulation section which consists of an envelope follower, an LFO, and a step sequencer. A patch manager is also built-in, along with a set of factory presets which show off some of the plugin’s capabilities.

To download your free copy of MiniFilter V, you will need to sign in to your Arturia user account (or register for a free user account if you don’t have one already). Once you’ve logged in, visit the product page linked below and download the appropriate installer for your operating system. Proceed with the installation and load the plugin in your digital audio workstation of choice. Click the activate now button and proceed with the download of the Arturia Software Center application (it should start automatically). Once that’s done, simply enter your username and password to activate the plugin (5 activations are available).

UPDATE: During the installation of the Arturia Software Center on my Windows 7 machine, I encountered an error. However, I clicked the Ignore button and the installation was completed without any issues.

MiniFilter V is available for free download via Arturia until December 25th (101 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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  1. Downloaded without any issues, up and running right now. 100MB package including a lot of resources for the full rendered UI (PNG images) and the Arturia Software Center.

    First impression of the filter is positive though, very sweet and smooth, with a CPU load of approx. 2% on an average Core i5.

    If you don’t care about the installation size (we are talking about a filter here) and the Software Center, I can recommend it.

  2. I have downloaded, the servers are struggling but keep refreshing the site until you get it. Sound quality is dope, really good and smooth sounding, I think it’s very flexible as a filter plugin, you can go crazy with it.
    CPU is hitting 2% for every instance (core i7 4790k)

  3. If you are an Arturia fan, you might want to skip this comment!

    i went against my own rule to not download software from companies who use enormous bloat security software, in the “spirit of the season” and gratitude, downloaded the horribly bloated file, devouring 1000 times more data bandwidth than should be necessary, and after all that, the activation crashed (not halted, but crashed) because it wanted even more elevated privileges. i now regret wasting my bandwidth on a supposedly “free” plugin that requires a musician to jump through hoops, expose their computer to potential malware (who knows what the software contains, its secret.) I have fond memories about Arturia so occasionally i want to give them a shot but i cold never become a customer for their software because of the horrible and ridiculous activation and bloat schemes. classic example of a company who tortures their potential paying customers while pirates just run roughshod on them. I might play with a minibrute but i’m not feeling the software anymore. If I were in a recording studio I would not dial up an Arturia plugin, I am very very sorry to say but someone needs to say it. the most incredible amount of bloat. just look at any of their synths, the try to animate all the transitions. arturia’s software design department is completely out to lunch, and we all know it.

  4. I can’t get this because when i try to make an account on the Arturia site it keeps saying invalid captcha code but its just one of those checkmark “I am not a robot” type captchas so I know I’ve done that. It keeps telling me to put in a valid captcha code but there’s no code to put in. Does anyone know what can be done about this?

  5. I have download it. Auto filter with 100mb size (!?) – yeach, fatty, cristal quality soft … :)
    As we see, if software have a weight then is more atractive. A lot developers make similar today. Then you go to buy new SSD because a lot resources files propably can be read with full performance only in SSD’s….
    By the way. We have only 5 activations – nice free (?) gift

  6. The plugin doesn’t seem to work in T5… I tried scanning it in and it just kept saying “testing plugin.” Must be some compatibility issue or something…

  7. The filter sounds nice but it is nothing groundbreaking I could make all the sounds it can make b4 the download. Probably going to uninstall do to bloat ware. If you want a ladder filter this is decent. Understand this is nothing new just an Arturia moog skinned filter with a few Lfos and a sequencer.

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