Audiotool has officially launched its new product called Probe. It is an HTML-based sample editor, and it’s available online for free. Probe allows you to export files in lossless 16-bit and 24-bit WAV format.

The interface features a remarkably clean and intuitive design. The zoom function is very responsive, and it allows you to get up close and personal with the waveform. Having uploaded a five-minute track, I was immediately able to zoom into the waveform, and as soon as I reached a maximum zoom, I realized that one millisecond is stretched on the entire width of the screen. That is indeed impressive.

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The dashboard is as clear as it gets — File, Edit, View, and Effects. It’s almost trivial, but behind this simplicity stands a gaze into the future, if I may. Audiotool’s intention is to create a universal and multi-purpose audio editing tool, which is extremely compact and portable. Probe doesn’t just export your audio, it can upload it to your personal Audiotool cloud, in case you have an account with them, but under no circumstances does it force you to register in order to use it. It’s free, it’s fast, it’s comfortable, and it’s for the people.

The Effects section features a classic set of options you’d find in most sample editors like Audacity or Wavosaur. Probe, however, is more beat-directed. It has an incorporated beat-grid and a metronome, a combination which will allow chopping loops with maximum precision.

To sum everything up, Probe is a great little online tool. It incorporates virtually everything you may expect from a sample editor, but it will definitely walk the extra mile. The company has presented the product under the general scope of democratization of the music-production process, and they’re already working on the new version of Probe right now. And obviously, it is an instant addition to our list of free online tools for musicians.

Probe is available for free use via Audiotool (no registration required).

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