Grooove BPB – FREE Drum Sampler VST/AU Plugin


BPB proudly presents Grooove BPB, a freeware drum sampler in VST2, VST3, and AU plugin formats for PC and Mac, crafted by brunsandspork. Grooove BPB is based on the full version of Grooove and is released as a Christmas gift for all BPB readers! Happy holidays! :)

Groove BPB is a virtual drum sampler instrument based on the excellent Grooove plugin by brunsandspork. It sampler emphasizes playability and expressiveness, making sampled drums sound as dynamic and life-like as possible with easily accessible modulation controls.

This unique drum sampler features dual drum slots (6 in Grooove BPB, 128 in Grooove), each capable of holding two different drum samples simultaneously, with per-sample controls for volume, pan, pitch, sample start, and length.

Each drum slot has a built-in LFO for modulating the filter cutoff and resonance, volume, pan, mix, pitch, sample delay, fade in/out, and sample start/end times.

All of these parameters can also be modulated via MIDI note velocity, which is the key to how Grooove makes sampled drums sound “alive.” Simply add a bit of velocity modulation to your snare sample’s filter cutoff, and it will sound more muffled at lower velocities, just like a real drum!

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Besides functioning as a VST or AU plugin in all compatible host applications on Windows and Mac OS, Grooove BPB can also work in standalone mode with basic MIDI file-loading capabilities. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are fully supported.

A huge THANK YOU goes to our friends at brunsandspork for making this happen.

If you enjoy using Grooove BPB, definitely consider purchasing the commercial version of the instrument and unleashing its full power. Grooove is priced at $49 and contains 46 drum kits (770 drum samples in total) and 128 dual drum slots (instead of six in Grooove BPB) with zero limitations.

It also features phase inverse, normalization, and sampler-reverse effects, eight stereo outputs (instead of three in Grooove BPB), and several other improvements. For an in-depth comparison of the two versions, click here.

While you’re here, make sure to also check out our other two freebie plugins – BPB Dirty Filter Plus and BPB Cassette Drums. Once again, happy holidays, and thank you all for reading BPB!

Download: Groove BPB

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks you BPB! That’s really cool. I have long been looking for a simple and comfortable sampler for REAPER. Of course there are Kontakt, Battery or Grace, but… This is what i wanted. Thanks again)

  2. So it’s no different from Grooove CM then? I have it and I love it, but there’s one annoyance: it says there’s an update, but link goes to full version, which after installation makes it run in demo.

  3. Thanks for all u do. Ive only been writing/producing for a year and half and Ive found the info and software here invaluable. I’ve learned so much here it oughta b illegal! seriously. thank YOU!

  4. I remember seeing the CM version of this plugin. At the first glance it looked like a great thing. However, lack of support for saving presets makes this almost unusable for any serious work and puts this in the realm of demoware. Commercial version does look good, though.

    • What exactly fo you mean by ‘presets’? The CM version as well as Grooove BPB certainly allow for saving and managing own kits. There’s even an export function for kits and samples.

      • From the website:


        Presets No Yes

        Global buttons (preset) No Yes

        • Georg (brunsandspork)


          Thanks, now I see. In fact, we decided to only take away features from Grooove BPB that are not needed for ‘serious work’. We consider the sound engine presets and the Global buttons comfortable, but not necessary. But I guess this is highly subjective.

  5. What a fantastic fast plugin! Drum samples modulated by velocity is awesome! One of the things i like(d) most about Machine. It’s like Accent on the 303! Especially when you got two drums to play with. You get so much expression and dynamic!

    I found a little bug though. If you select a sample from a folder you can pick previous and next. Now, if you go to another slot and select a sample from a folder you can again pick previous and next. Go back to the first sample slot and pick previous or next – you’ll get the previous or next related to the last folder.
    TL/DR/Didn’t understand
    i have a kick sample in slot 1. Then i pick a snare for slot 2. Now i go back to slot 1 and click “next” – now i have a snare playing in slot 1 instead of the next kick.

    Merry thanks for this one guys!!!

    • Georg (brunsandspork)


      Damn, that is a nasty bug! I remember that I came across this recently but missed to write it down. The fix is herewith faithfully promised! :-)

  6. i downloaded it but it won’t load or show me everything it tells meh that i can’t download because it has an unidentified maker

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Kreeous, can you please provide the exact error message that you’re getting? Also, please let me know which operating system and browser you’re using.

      • i big niet in slovac! :-)

        I visit this site since 2 years….never have problem to download something…The most simple thing is to put a link for download and …niet! For this one! :-)

  7. Hi Tomislav and Thank You for BPB! I love the concept of Grooove and would like to try it, however despite the install seeming successful (Mac OSX 10.7.4) my DAW (Reaper) doesn’t recognize the VST2. I see it installed in normal directory and saw Reaper name it on the initial scan, yet I am unable to insert it as it doesn’t appear as a plugin within the DAW FX insert menu – very strange. Deleted app and vst, redownloaded dmg, reinstalled and same thing. Any ideas? -Thanks!

  8. Riki Rezinunts


    First of all, thanks for the freebie… I am having an issue with the installer though. On Win7 64 bit, the only components I have chosen are “VST2”, “Documentation”, and “Kits”… I click “Next >” and am then asked to locate my VST2 (32 bit) directory, which is E:\Plug-Ins\VST2_32Bit , however – If I put in anything other than the directory it defaults to (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2) then the “Next >” button is grayed out and I can’t continue with the installation… I hope this installer wasn’t intentionally designed this way, kinda annoying.

    • Georg (brunsandspork)


      Please, always contact us directly when you have a support request:

      You’re right. The installer actually behaves a bit confusing. If you enter a custom path, you have to choose an already existing folder. Otherwise, the installation cannot be completed.

      So either you type in a path to an already existing folder. Or you create the folder first, before you start the installer. Or you simply click on [Browse] next to the path input field. In the browse dialog it is possible to create folders.

      Thanks for reporting this. Will be fixed.

  9. Download Error!! “Access to ‘’ was limited due to high download traffic.
    You can still download the content of this link – get Premium plan or higher.”

  10. Where can I find BPB Samples?
    after BPB Grooove Install complete, I can open bpb on logic pro BUT Can not loading KIT and Samples.
    and My mac does not have any bpb samples.

    re-install several times!

    Please Help me!

  11. Is there any chance that the original version of Grooove will be made available through BPB? Even if it is a paid version since Brunsandspork and their version of Grooove is gone.

  12. Marcelo Ribeiro Simões


    It seems they don’t care.
    This program asks me to go to the web, open a browser, and take me to a useless page.
    So annoying.

    Looking for any answer about that, I could see that there are no more replies from them…
    So, I’ll uninstall it as soon as I can…

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