Get Positive Grid’s $99 BIAS Pedal Distortion For FREE!


Positive Grid has recently released the BIAS Pedal Distortion, a virtual guitar effect pedal available in VST, AU, RTAS and AAX formats for PC and Mac based plugin hosts. The product normally costs at $99, but it can be downloaded completely free of charge by January 2nd, 2017.

BIAS Pedal Distortion is available in both mobile and desktop versions. The company laid a prominent emphasis on going back to the original sound of Rock’n’Roll, recreating the sound of an old-school fuzz pedal in the form of a virtual effect.

The BIAS Pedal allows the user to create a personalized pedal from scratch by tweaking and interacting with its internal components and parameters. The product also gives the user the possibility to tone-match and recreate the sound of legendary guitar amplifiers or other hardware of your personal preference. The plugin is widely considered to be one of the most accurate pedal modeling effect available today.

There are some hidden technicalities in the software itself, which prove the comprehensive and creative approach that the developers have implemented — preset facilities, room simulation, a built-in graphic equalizer, and so forth; the plugin is well-designed and intuitive with consideration of the end user experience.

Overall, BIAS Pedal puts an amazing amount of potential in the user’s hands. It will allow you to explore the creative potential of building your own custom guitar pedal in the safety of your virtual studio. However, bear in mind that the system requirements are quite hefty. The plugin will deliver its maximum potential at a recommended 8 GB RAM and a preferred 2.0 GHZ dual-core processor.

All things considered, BIAS Pedal Distortion is definitely worth checking out, especially now that it’s available as a free download. You’ll need to hurry, though, because the free download offer expires on January 2nd!

BIAS Pedal Distortion is available for free download via Positive Grid, for a limited time only (244 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin for Windows & Mac OS).

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      • Hey, I’m not sure if I am downloading the right thing… There’s BIAS Pedal that I’ve downloaded, and there are Distortion/Delay and “Coming soon” sections when I open up the plugin, but I don’t know how to activate it. It seems like it’s a demo, coz sometimes I use some functions and it says it’s a demo…

        • You need to activate it on BIAS website, once you add it to your account you can just log in from the plugin and there you go. Also, it’s only the Distortion part you’re getting, so only distortion pedals. Delays you can buy separately, and modulation effects are not yet released.

  1. ~250 mb for a stomp box…. However I have download it, after instal i have ~400mb less on HDD (!?). A performance is as low as big is this file (a lot small files to read, propably every pixel have own graphic files, so as i suppose without SSD or new computer don’t start).
    Sorry, this soft is some joke, paranoia…

      • I don’t think you will have a problem (it is only a DLL with very big resource folder).
        a bigger problem is a performance of this pogram propably related to SSD drive (I have only a HDD). Propably you have not enough RAM, but try.

  2. I’m so gutted I missed this! Having watched a couple of videos this is perfect for how I like to create distortion sounds and a great learning tool for my students!

    I’ll have to pay more attention to your news section in future ;-)

    • If you click on the yellow arrow on the far right it shows the amp. Just click on the amp and drag it up and off the yellow line and that turns it off. That also allows you to change parameters for the modeled amps such as drive, presence, and eq. Six of their amp models are included and you can then switch between them too. Good luck.

      • I have to add a correction to the above message. There is a bit of a lag when using the controls and it actually is the button to the left of the lighted on/off switch under the words amp room that gets you to the screen controlling the amp instead of the yellow right arrow button. I don’t notice lag in sound. Sorry for any confusion. Join the discussion

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