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With the holiday season behind us and the Christmas carols finally laid to rest, it’s time to get back to into the studio! For all of those looking to add fresh new tools to their virtual audio production toolkit, check out the Tone Deluxe virtual guitar amplifier, available as a VST/AU plugin for PC and Mac.

This fully functional freeware plugin by Lostin70’s is based upon the ECC83 and EL34 audio tube amplifiers. Both of these well-crafted amps were made to provide ample gain while producing low noise. Tone Deluxe, the digital adaptation of the studio amp juggernauts, uses an analog time model design to reduce the delay of signal processing. This plugin utilizes a volume-responsive drive so as to avoid what may be unwanted distortion or clipping in the DAW.

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Furthermore, this provides the instrumentalist with more control over the tone color of which he/she may be striving for. In short, the volume-responsive drive complements the musician’s performance as the amplifier adjusts to the dynamic nuances of a given take/recording. This plugin offers two independent gain/volume channels, (clean and high gain) which, in turn, contribute to the flexibility and control the musician has over the timbre of which they want to create.

All in all, this is a great addition to any guitarist’s studio VST collection. The plugin was released as one of the entries in KVR Developer Challenge 2016 and is now available for download completely free of charge.

Tone Deluxe is available for free download via Lostin70’s (14.6 MB download size, DLL file, 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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  1. Promising, but unstable in Studio One 3 X64. Crashes PC when parameters are changed.
    Twin reverb was the first thing that sprang to mind. Thanks to the developer.

  2. Update.
    An improved version has been added to the developers website, this update includes various stability improvements.
    Thank you Lostin70’s

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