The MPC is back once again, providing a fresh combination of the classic feel and groove with modern enhancements and workflow upgrades. According to the announcement made at NAMM 2017, the new line of sequencers will include the MPC X and MPC Live. They will be fully functional even without a computer, allowing their use both in the studio and live performances.

The MPC X brings together a number of attractive features. Some of the highlights are its 16 touch pads, a multi-touch display over ten inches across, a massive amount of I/O options (such as instrument inputs, XLRs, foot switches, headphone jacks, etc. ), and over 10 gigs of pre-loaded sounds and software to work with. You can even attach your own hard drive to access more samples. The controls of the MPC X include a full transport, a numeric keypad, 8 pad banks, and a data dial.

The MPC Live has the same amount of touch pads and sample storage and only a slightly smaller screen at seven inches. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the MPC Live can last around four hours without being plugged in. The MPC live doesn’t quite have all of the I/O options as the MPC X but seems more than adequate for most live situations. The multi-touch screen that both of these products have in familiar sounds like it would make the process of zooming, stretching, and scrolling through menus and audio files very user-friendly.

This new product line by Akai tends to harken back to the original MPCs in an effort to encourage producers to stay hands-on in their productions. Both units are available for pre-order with the MPC X retailing at $219, and the MPC Live at $1199.

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Ben Bishop is a music producer based out of Nashville, TN. He works with many local artists in the pop/indie world and has a recording studio in East Nashville.

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  1. akai warriors


    I really wish akai hurry with the software 2.0 update.Check out my video were i am using Gross Beat by Image Line with MPC Software.I think they need to add it in the new 2.0 it works fine in 1.9.7. You just cant make audio strips or side chain in its current software but when 2.0 come out i can make it work glitch free.For now you cant save your Gross Beat presets in your project but Gross Beat can be bounced with your track session currently.Can some one point me in the direction for Beta testing for Akai? because i have tons of short cuts for MPC being ive used them for almost 20 years.Here is a video were i make an Atlanta style Trap Beat using Gross Beat on the MPC Software along with 32 bit plugins. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR WATCHING AND LETTING ME SHARE MY CONTENT

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