Music-Society Releases Free Polyakov Synthesizer VST Plugin For Windows


Music-Society has introduced Polyakov, a freeware (forum registration required) virtual instrument in VST plugin format (32-bit Windows only) based on the Polivoks hardware analog synthesizer.

Polyakov is a unique little softsynth based off a hardware synthesizer called the “Polivoks”, manufactured in the Soviet Union between 1982 and 1990. The original unit was capable of generating a wide range of sounds to work in many different genres and was also able to generate interesting sound effects for scoring.

The release of the Polyakov for Windows captures much of the sound and control of the original. It definitely has the sound of a very primitive synthesizer having only two oscillators and five basic waveforms (with the addition of white noise). The synthesizer also features standard BP/LP filters with an ASDR envelope and LFO for modulation, adjustable by the mod wheel. Also worth mentioning is the “AD repeat” feature (this one is new to me) which repeats the attack and decay cycle over and over, resulting in something similar to a customizable LFO waveform. The amount of filtering and overall volume can also be controlled via velocity.

The original unit had an external input for an additional guitar or synth that could be run through the mixer and processed with the synthesizer’s sound engine. In Polyakov, they’ve kept the EXT control in the mixer but it only adds a subtle saturation effect. The Polyakov can run up to eight voices of polyphony and comes with eight basic presets as a starting point for programming your own sounds. The description released with the download was a bit vague on some of the features, but if you work in musical styles that incorporate retro synth sounds, you probably won’t have any issues with grabbing this free download and experimenting for yourself.

Please note that you’ll need to sign up for a free Music-Society forum account in order to download the plugin. The registration process, although completely free, is somewhat lengthy. You’ll be required to input information about your music making equipment such as your computer, your favorite instrument, etc.

Polyakov is available for free download via Music-Society (1.7 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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About The Author

Ben Bishop is a music producer based out of Nashville, TN. He works with many local artists in the pop/indie world and has a recording studio in East Nashville.


  1. Finnbogi Ragnar


    Word of warning.

    Although this plugin is probably interesting, I will not get it, if I can only get it from Music-Society.

    It was very unpleasant when I was registered there (in 2014). I got thrown out while I was on vacation and never got an explanation of why I was expelled. I got warning for some “behaviour”. The only behaviour being doing absolutely nothing at the site while I was on vacation!
    At that time you were threatened to be kicked out for not posting enough in the forums (I have emails for proof), or not filling out your profile (which I certainly did correctly).
    In essence, to not be threatened required paying 5€.

      • Yes, really.

        Snippets from a few posts (some probably automated):

        You have just been sent a personal message by music-society on music-society.

        IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this email.

        The message they sent you was:

        You have received a warning about inappropriate behavior. Please stop this behaviour and behave rules for the Forum so that no further steps must be taken.
        Please edit your profile, sound card, computer, programs, etc.

        Lieben Gruß,
        das music-society Team.

        [I had already updated my profile, a strange reason for a ban]

        What I sent;


        It looks like that I have been thrown out of while I was on a vacation.

        I don’t have the slightest idea why.

        If I recall correctly I DID edit my profile and added information to it. I can’t see anywhere that not filling it correctly (by some standards I am not aware of) is in breach of the forum rules.

        I have never spammed, been rude or used obscene language or done anything illegal in connection with that forum and have never ever been kicked out from any website my whole life!

        I can’t reply to this letter below on or through the forum without creating a new account, I don’t want to create an account where I am not welcome.
        So a mail to webmaster must to, if it will be ever read.
        If not, I must create an account for the sole purpose to send this message.

        Because I really would like to know on what ground I was thrown out. I think you owe me that.

        But this is not all:

        to all 0 posters: Group Zerro

        Now, the Forum “Software Exotic and oldies” is no longer visible, until you start to get involved in any way in the Forum!

        People who participate here in the Forum, are not affected by this measure.


        From now on there will be the following rules : Every user has to take part actively in the Forum. If you don’t take part, you will first get a warning. If there is no reaction on the warning, the account will then be blocked up for 7 days. If that doesn’t work the account will be banned and completely deleted within 14 days.

        Donors are not affected by this regulation

        There is more, for example pushing for donations with threats of expells.

  2. Looks pretty nice! My only quip concerns the toggle switches–they’re just kind of hard to see, being so shiny and all. Maybe just go with sliding switches instead? Other than that, dig the UI…

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