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Looking for some good sound libraries will always be my guilty pleasure and the Drum and Bass sample collection by Dabro Music seems to fit the bill very well. I think it’s one of the most consistent neuro-style drum and bass sample packs that I came across lately.

Here is what you get: 1.43 GB of loops and one shot sounds recorded at tempos ranging from 87 BPM to 174 BPM, including 119 bass loops, 85 drum loops, 44 top loops, 116 music loops, 134 drum hits, 64 bass hits, 40 synth hits, 10 vocal loops, 38 SFX hits,10 multi-sampled bass instruments, 10 multi-sampled synth instruments, and 111 MIDI files. The library is also available in Apple Loops and Ableton Live 9+ formats.

Drum Hits & Loops

All of the elements in the drum loops section are well mixed, so you wouldn’t need to do any additional processing. The collection features are full drum loops, as well as simple kick-snare versions for layering with one-shot samples. Of course, most of the drums used for the loops are also available as single drum hits. Another great addition to the pack are the top loops which contain hi-hats and shaker sounds. These can be used for layering on top of the included kick-snare loops, or for building custom drum grooves from scratch.

Bass Hits & Loops

The bass loops are my favorite part of Dabro Music’s Drum And Bass sound library. Every bass loops and bass hit is provided in two variations – dry and wet. Whereas the dry version has no external processing, the wet version comes with typical saturation\distortion, equalization, and a variety of modulation effects applied. It is really interesting to compare both versions and learn new sound design tricks.

Melodic & Vocal Loops

The included synth and guitar parts share a similar processing concept. Their range varies from Pendulum-like contemporary sounds to more experimental bits that remind me of Phace or Mefjus. The library also includes a set of chopped vocal loops which are quite popular in modern drum and bass tracks.


New transition effects and impacts are always welcome, and the set included in this particular library is rather decent. Additionally, the included MIDI clips can be used for sequencing new bass and lead parts with your favorite virtual synthesizer or sampler.

The Verdict

This sample pack will not only provide a fresh set of high-quality drum and bass sounds for your library, but will also be a great reference for designing your own sounds from scratch. I especially like the dry\wet-version concept and I wish other labels used it more often in their releases. Highly recommended.

More info: Dabro Music Drum And Bass (£34.95)

Dabro Music Drum And Bass Review


Dabro Music's Drum And Bass sample collection will not only provide a fresh set of high-quality drum and bass sounds for your library, but will also be a great reference for designing your own sounds from scratch

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