HY-Plugins Releases HY-MPS Sequencer VST/AU Plugin (Free & Full)


HY-Plugins has released HY-MPS, an insanely versatile block-based step sequencer in VST/AU plugin formats for PC and Mac. The plugin is available in Full (priced at $28) and Free ($0) versions.

The full version of HY-MPS features eight sequencer blocks which generate MIDI events like any regular step sequencer. The trick here, though, is that the blocks can be sequenced in any order using the block chainer module located in the bottom-left part of the user interface. Furthermore, each sequencer block can follow a different timing, so you can have one block set to 1/4 and then the next one set to 3/4. This allows for creating far more complex sequences compared to the developer’s previous release, the HY-SEQ16x3 plugin, which did feature multiple sequencers, but they couldn’t be chained together like in HY-MPS.

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Other notable features include eight snapshot slots for each block, two LFOs, a fully resizable user interface (with a neat color scheme which makes it easy to identify different sequencer blocks), undo/redo functionality, a built-in preset manager, tempo swing, transposer and scale follower, and the excellent randomization tools we’ve seen in the previously released HY-SEQ16 plugin. Almost any parameter can be randomized by any percentage between 1% and 100%.

Compared to the full version of the plugin, the freely downloadable HY-MPS-Free features only three sequencer blocks instead of eight. It also doesn’t include any LFO generators. Everything else is exactly the same as in the paid version, though, easily making HY-MPS-Free the most powerful freeware step sequencer on the plugin market. It is insanely versatile for a freeware tool, and if you need even more features you can always upgrade to the full version ($28).

The free version can be downloaded directly from the product page linked below, no strings attached. An installer-free version is also available for users (like myself) who prefer to install their plugins manually. The paid version can be purchased through PayPal (a key-file will be delivered within 24 hours after purchase) and a demo version can be downloaded in case you’d like to test the plugin’s functionality first.

HY-MPS-Free is available for free download via HY-Plugins (8.32 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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