Free Samples & Loops Round-Up (March 2017)


It’s time for another epic monthly round-up of free audio downloads. Apart from the usual loops and one shot sample content, we’ve also listed a decent selection of free patches and sound banks for a variety of virtual instruments. Enjoy!

Free Samples & Loops

  • Loopmasters are giving away the Looptone Label Sampler containing 50 high-quality audio loops from five different Looptone releases. The price of the label sampler is £1 which serves as a fee to cover the download costs. Loopmasters are also offering an exclusive 30% discount on all Looptone products.
  • Another label sampler comes from Function Loops who have released their Label Sampler 2017 claiming over 900 MB worth of royalty-free audio loops.
  • Dance Midi Samples has released Trance Euphoria, a collection of five free construction kits for trance producers.
  • The Shrine Piano is a free piano sample library in SFZ format, compatible with Plogue sforzando.
  • One of my personal favorites this month is the VHS 808 sample pack by Past To Future, a free Roland TR-808 sound library for Kontakt. You may say that 80’s nostalgia is getting old very quickly nowadays, but I’m still riding that wave like it’s 1985. VHS pitch wobble for the win! San Junipero is the best episode of Black Mirror, fact.
  • Boyss-Sound-{e}-Scapes has released 2nd Year Free Pack featuring over 600 MB of content when uncompressed. The pack is released on a pay what you want basis with the option to enter $0 as the price.
  • Atom Hub has released Trumpette, a free NI Kontakt sample library featuring the sounds of a paper trumpet. It’s one of those toy trumpets that fold out when you blow them. The library is pretty advanced, though, and features a rather elaborate custom user interface for Kontakt. The demo track is quite creepy.
  • Another interesting sound library, although this time for UVI Falcon comes from CHE. The library is called Tone Adventure and features a decent selection of synthesized bass sounds, leads, and sequences.
  • Patches Zone, the sample label behind the excellent 808 bass pack, has released a free sounds library called Hi-hat Pack. Surprisingly enough, it is a collection of hi-hat samples and loops.
  • Speaking of surprisingly named sample packs, TB Arthur has introduced KICKZ: Tormented Bass Drums. I’ll let you guess what’s inside this one.
  • One of the more interesting sound packs this month comes from the European Space Agency. Read the full story about these sounds at Create Digital Music.
  • Apashe Copter Boy Samplepack is a collaboration between Apashe and Cymatics. The pack contains a selection of modern EDM and urban sounds.
  • Manwomanchild has released Electron ECHO Mini Piano, a free sample pack featuring the sounds of a simple toy keyboard.
  • KVR Forum member Darshonaut gave away a free collection of MFB Nanozwerg samples in 16-bit WAV format. They’re formatted for use in an MPC, but can also be loaded in any other sample player.
  • Underground Progressive has introduced a free collection of samples made using REAPER and Sylenth1. The samples were crafted by Jason Mythos and are available for free download via Rekkerd.
  • Dirty Wurlitzer is a free electric piano sample library for Ableton Live, crafted by Expanding Sound.
  • Upsound And Friends have introduced The Pack Volume 1, a collection of modern electronic dance sounds, mostly sutable for use in dubstep and similar genres.
  • Loopersound has released Test Pack, a free selection of samples from the commercial Techno Machine sound library.
  • Flo Audio has released a set of free impulse responses from the Lexicon PCM 91 reverb unit.

Free Patches

  • Sonus Dept. has released Trappist-2, a free collection of patches for Bitwig 2’s built-in virtual instruments. Although the name might imply that these patches were made for use in trap tunes, they’re actually lush and peaceful pads, drones, and soundscapes.
  • Marshmallow is a free sound bank for Xfer Serum, crafted by Derek. it contains 14 Serum presets, 5 MIDI files, and 33 drum samples.
  • Another sound bank for Serum comes from inHim Production. Sylerum contains 41 presets inspired by the Sylenth1 synthezier.
  • Kai Chonishvili has released FM Weirdness & Oldschool, a free sound library for the Elektron Analog Four/Keys synthesizer.
  • Hugsylvania has released Etorna_Z Dubstep Stuff, a free collection of patches for the free ZynADSubFX plugin.
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