Free 808 Bass Sample Pack Released By Patches Zone


Patches Zone has released 808 Bass Pack, a free collection of pitched 808-like bass samples in 24-bit WAV format.

808 Bass Pack features 100 individual samples made with various analog synthesizers and other outboard gear. The author’s idea was to recreate and improve upon the classic Roland TR-808 bass drum sound by using different tools. The result is a rather impressive set of punchy 808-style sub and bass samples that are well worth checking out.

I appreciate a useful free release like this which doesn’t even require an email account to download the ZIP file. Upon opening the pack, you’ll find the samples neatly organized into categories like “Long Hard”, “Long Soft”, “Short Hard”, “Short Soft”, and “Strange”. Organizing by impact and length was a splendid idea by Patches to make finding the sample that is right for the tempo and mood of the track. Besides, all the kicks here are pitched to a C note, so it will be easy to load them in a sampler and adjust the pitch to fit your song.

Up until now, I usually have only used classic clean 808 kicks that get the job done. While you will find some of those “go to” samples in here, many of them are processed with things like chorus, filters, and modulators. This is especially true for the folder titled “Strange”. Even these more unusual 808 bass samples are still deep and punchy, so you won’t need to layer them in order to “have your kick and thump it too”. Sorry, bad joke.

A YouTube demo video is available on the Patches Zone website, along with several audio demos, for you to check out the samples and see if you like them. There are quite a few other 808 kick packs out there, so the fact is you may already have all the 808 samples you’ll ever need. But if you’re someone like me who previously only had a few options available, this release is definitely kicking my personal sample library up a notch or two.

808 Bass Pack is available for free download via Patches Zone (56.5 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 100 bass samples in 24-bit WAV format).

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