Retronyms Release Looperverse Loop Performance System For iOS


San Francisco-based software developers Retronyms are offering a fresh approach to pedal-based loop performance with Looperverse, a hardware/software hybrid platform consisting of a wireless stomp pedal and an accompanying app for iOS.

The app works as a 16-track audio recorder and comes with a dedicated mixer, built-in delay and reverb effects, time-stretching and pitch shifting, tap tempo, snap to grid, IAA and Audiobus support, Ableton Link support, stem export, and many other features that are common in modern DAWs. The recorded clips can be edited within the app and exported as stems for use in external applications. The app also supports audio-triggered recording and offers a choice between several recording methods, including overwrite and next track modes.

Thanks to the Inter App Audio and AudioBus functionality, the Looperverse app can work in tandem with any virtual instrument on iOS. Also, Ableton Link integration provides the ability to sync the app’s tempo to Ableton Live or instances of Looperverse on other devices. The app is priced at $9.99 and is available for purchase in the App Store.

To enhance the workflow when using the app, Retronyms have created the Looperverse Pedal which features six high-quality footswitches in a rugged metal body. The pedal connects to the app via low-latency Bluetooth and comes with a set of pre-mapped controls for undo/redo functionality, playback control, recording, tap tempo, and memory clear. The controls can be fully customized by the user and the pedal can be used to control any MIDI-compatible device or software. The pedal costs $199 and can be purchased through Retronym’s website (it includes the iOS app).

More info: Retronyms Looperverse

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