Ursa DSP Updates Lagrange – Now Available For Mac OS!


Ursa DSP has released an updated version of the Lagrange stereo granular delay effect. It is now also available as a VST/AU plugin for Mac-based host applications and includes a new preset management system (on PC and Mac).

Lagrange was released as one of the KVR Developer Challenge 2016 entries and took second place, ranking right behind the Youlean Loudness Meter by Julijan Nikolic. Based on an interesting combination of granular delay algorithms, Lagrange is a delay effect unlike any other on the market. It is particularly useful for building long soundscapes and drone-like sounds, as well as unusual chorus effects (by shortening the delay time parameter). For more info about Lagrange and its main features, read our in-depth review written by Bryan Lake.

The latest version of Lagrange introduces the long-awaited support for Mac-based digital audio workstations. Mac users can now download the effect in VST and AU plugin formats, covering pretty much all DAWs runnning on the platform. The functionality is exactly the same as in the Windows version.

Apart from the compatibility with digital audio workstations running on Mac, the new version of Lagrange comes with a new XML-based preset management system, making it easier to store and share custom patches between different systems. The new preset manager also includes new factory presets and preserves compatibility with old presets. Other minor improvements include the addition of knob reset functionality (double-click a control to return it to the default value from the last loaded preset) and window size reset functionality (double-click any part of the background to reset the GUI size).

Lagrange is available for free download via KVR Audio (5.2 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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