Amped Studio Is A Cloud-Based DAW By Amptrack Technologies


Amptrack Technologies has introduced Amped Studio, a cloud-based digital audio workstation available in Free (no VST and external audio support) and Premium versions.

It should be no surprise that a properly made cloud-based DAW has finally come into existence. Amped Studio created by Amptrack Technologies allows users to record audio and MIDI directly to the cloud server and access the recordings from anywhere. Offered as a subscription service, Amped Studio comes equipped with instruments and effects. It can even host VST plugins.

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Similar to many cloud-based services, users have the option to record with either the online or native version of the software. This means that you can record audio and MIDI while offline and then update the cloud version of the session the next time you connect to the internet. Although I am perfectly happy with my current DAW, I was excited to imagine how this could make the process of collaboration quicker and more fun.

While it’s no secret that Amped Studio doesn’t have the sequencing power and editing capabilities of ProTools or Logic, it does open up a lot of possibilities for working on the go and collaborating with fellow musicians. Amped Studio even comes with a sound library of construction kits, instrument loops and one-shots that can be used to quickly inspire song ideas. Once you’re done with your composition, you can export the stems or multis if you’d rather mix in your DAW of choice.

The online version of Amped Studio loaded up pretty quick on my Chrome Browser and the interface is fairly intuitive. I was able to drag some loops together and record a vocal in about two minutes flat. Just make sure you allow the app to access to your microphone when prompted with the choice.

Amped Studio may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a new way to bounce between lots of different devices and locations to record audio or a new way to collaborate, it might be worth trying out. The free version of the platform offers a limited sound library, no VST plugin support, and doesn’t allow users to record external audio. The unlocked version comes with a monthly subscription which works out to about five bucks.

Amped Studio is available via Amptrack Technologies (Free version with limited features, Premium subscription for $4.99 per month).

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