Sonic Anomaly Releases Transpire Free Transient Shaper VST Plugin


Sonic Anomaly has announced the re-release of Transpire, a freeware transient shaper effect in VST (Windows) and JSFX (Windows and Mac OS) plugin formats.

Transpire is a transient shaper effect which was optimized for dealing with percussive sounds. Due to its non-linear processing of the audio signal on the input (smaller transients are affected more aggressively), the plugin is able to bring out the subtle details in a drum track without having a negative impact on the louder hits. Trainsient detection sensitivity can be fine-tuned to work better with non-percussive material such as, for example, bass guitar tracks. To prevent digital clipping inside the DAW, Transpire clips the output signal at -0.1 dB.

The control scheme is very simple, which is to be expected from a transient shaper effect. The four knobs on the interface are used to adjust the incoming signal’s attack and sustain, the plugin’s transient detection sensitivity, and the input gain. The two meters on the top of the GUI should, I presume, show the amount of transient reduction or boosting applied. The user interface looks very professional and was, once again, designed by Crimson Merry who is also the designer and developer behind our free BPB Cassette Drums plugin bundle.

I was really looking forward to testing Transpire on my machine, but I’m getting an error message during plugin scan in MuLab. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon as the specs and the user interface look very promising. Please leave a comment below if you’ve managed to test Transpire in your DAW of choice. Much like the rest of Sonic Anomaly’s product lineup, Transpire is available as a Windows-only VST plugin for now, although Mac users can take advantage of the provided JSFX version. It can be downloaded directly from the developer’s website, no registration required.

UPDATE: Sonic Anomaly has released an updated version of Transpire and all reported bugs have been fixed!

Transpire is available for free download via Sonic Anomaly (906 KB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows, JSFX plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Chris Schutte


    The sheer amount of stuff I download from bedroomproducersblog is mind boggling! Thanks to all the guys for finding and posting the most epic free plugins! Kudos to Tomislav and the whole team! You guys Rock!

  2. Info On MuLab Error


    I’m pretty sure the error has to do with the Geep Jeez VST wrapper. The wrapper was made by scratch so you don’t have to download Steinberg’s SDK in order to use Geep Jeez. I’m pretty sure there’s a specific check that MuLab makes in order to be sure a .dll is a VST and that part of the SDK wasn’t implemented in the wrapper. As far as I could find, there is no way to change the settings in Geep Jeez to fix this error and the developer has been inactive since November 2015. Jo might be able to fix it in MuLab but I would be surprised if he bothered to since almost nobody uses Jeep Geez.

  3. Sonic Anomaly stuff is FANTASTIC! Thanks for a pile of excellent plugs, Sonic A! And thanks for the post, BPB!

  4. No problems in Live971 so far
    seems at least as good than transient form audio assault (which can be glitchy for me when reloading sessions), and certainly much better than transient sleepytimedsp .
    Not tested on enough material to judge weather it’s on par with flux bittersweet, which I consider the best free transient processor, the biggest negative of that plug being the convoluted install process.
    we could have a winner here!

  5. This plug-in is a ripper. It just works perfectly on drums. I’ve used many free transient shapes over the years, some with far more adjustable perimeters, Ive even tried Waves Trans X. I bought Spyke, but Transpire beats them all, ha ha, like night and day. (I’m using the JSFX version, as I use Reaper). Thanks for this amazing tool Sonic Anomaly. I also tried their Bass Amp Sims. Spot On

  6. It would have been absolutely steller for my workflow if they left off the 0db internal clip. Or replace it with selectable saturation/clipper if possible.

    Not looking gift horse in the mouth, TOTALLY thrilled by this gift!! This one is super unique! I ended up using the internal clipper a tiny bit as a saturator anyway ;)

    Excellent plugins!! Thanks again!

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