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FXHome Releases HitFilm Express 2017 (Free Video Editor)


FXHome has released HitFilm Express 2017, an updated version of the free video editing and compositing software for PC and Mac.

HitFilm Express is one of the best free video editing applications around, especially for users who also want to do some compositing and animation with their footage. HitFilm 4 Express was featured in our news section in April last year and we also reviewed the premium HitFilm Pro 2017 version of the software. The free Express edition of HitFilm has now received the 2017 update as well, introducing a number of improvements and new features.

So, what’s new in HitFilm Express 2017? There are almost too many new features and improvements to mention in a reasonably long news article, but some of the most important ones would be:

  • Auto Sync for perfect alignment of multiple audio and video tracks.
  • Improved video editing tools, including J-cuts and L-cuts.
  • Export Queue for rendering multiple scenes with ease.
  • Full Retina and HiDPI support on Mac and Windows.
  • New visual effects including Star Wars lightsabers.
  • RAM preview for faster playback.
  • Improved 360 video tools.

The new Auto Sync feature is especially practical for users who record video and audio with separate devices. If you’re, for example, using a separate audio recorder to capture the voiceover for a video tutorial, the Auto Sync functionality makes it possible to sync the audio and video takes with a single click. Similarly, the new J-cut and L-cut tools make it super easy to make those fancy cuts where the sound precedes the picture and vice versa.

HitFilm Express 2017 remains our recommended applications for musicians and music producers who need a piece of software to handle their video editing and compositing needs. Whether you’re working on some tutorials for your YouTube channel, a music video, or some background footage for your live performance, the free version of FXHome’s flagship video editing platform is easily the best tool you could use without investing any money. The free version can be expanded with a variety of add-on packs that are offered in FXHome’s online store.

More info: HitFilm Express 2017 (free)

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  1. Have they fixed font handling? Older versions only accepted fonts physically copied to windows/fonts/ dir, linked fonts do not work, which is a drag for me.

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