F9 Audio Releases 2017 Label Sampler With 1 GB Of Free Sounds


In celebration of their two year anniversary, F9 Audio has released F9 2017 FREE Label Sampler, a free sound collection containing over 1GB worth of audio loops from the label’s soundware products.

The download includes samples from nineteen different F9 Audio sound libraries, covering a broad range of electronic music styles. Whether you’re a hip-hop producer or an electronic musician looking for high-quality synthesizer sounds, chances are you’ll find a couple of useful sounds inside the pack. There are 235 audio loops and stems in total, along with 20 NI Massive patches, and several audio demos in MP3 format. The loops and stems are clearly labeled and organized into construction kits for easier browsing.

F9 Audio entered the music production market back in 2015 and quickly became one of the leading sample pack and sound library vendors. The company is known for their signature template libraries for Ableton Live and Logic Pro, providing mix-ready project files which the users can freely edit and use in their own music creations. The samples and patches included in the sampler pack will give you a taste of the sound quality featured in F9 Audio’s commercial products, but you’ll need to check out the full releases if you want to see the actual template files in action.

To download your copy of the sampler, visit the product page linked below and add the freebie pack to your shopping cart. The Windows and Mac versions are virtually identical, the only difference being the format of the ZIP archive. The checkout process is simple and subscribing to F9 Audio’s mailing list is completely optional. The download link will appear in your browser window right after checkout (a copy will also be delivered to your inbox).

F9 2017 FREE Label Sampler is available for free download via F9 Audio (794 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 235 audio loops in 24-bit WAV format, 20 patches in NMSV format for NI Massive).

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