Full Bucket Music Updates “the blooo” And “Mono/Fury” To v2.0


Full Bucket Music has released updated versions of their the blooo and Mono/Fury virtual analog synthesizers in VST plugin format for Windows-based digital audio workstations.

Both instruments now come with improved GUIs which are larger and slightly redesigned for a more modern look. The control layout remains completely the same on both synthesizers, which is good news if you’ve been using these virtual instruments for a while. Both synths now also featur MIDI learn functionality for easier mapping of different control parameters to MIDI controller keyboards. Full Bucket Music has also implemented a number of minor improvements and bug fixes under the hood, improving overall stability and performance.

As for the individual changes, the bloo now offers a user-definable startup bank (FXB), meaning that the users can select the preset bank which will be loaded on startup. Mono/Fury, on the other hand, adds a velocity to VCF/VCA modulation control, making it easier to play the instrument more expressively. The other sound engine remain identical to the ones found in the previous version. Both the blooo and Mono/Fury are available for direct free download from the Full Bucket Music website, no registration required.

If you’re a fan of vintage analog synthesizers but can’t afford (or don’t have enough room to store) one, make sure to check out Mono/Fury as it is one of the finest Korg Mono/Poly emulations on the market. Together with the brilliant OB-Xd and PG8X synthesizers, it is one of my go-to instruments when I want to recreate that vintage analog feel in the box. Another favorite is the rather old but still quite amazing TAL-U-No-62 by Togu Audio Line.

the blooo and Mono/Fury are available for free download via Full Bucket Music (32-bit & 64-bit VSTi plug-in format for Windows).

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  1. The Blooo is my favorite VA VST, hands down. I’ve played around with the new UI and it’s really nice.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I like all Full Bucket Music synths, but Mono/Fury is still my absolute favorite of the bunch.

  2. Is it stable? Always loved the Full Bucket synths soundwise, but they always felt slightly buggy in the 1.x versions for me.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I had similar issues before, but the new versions have worked great so far.